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  1. Hi i'm looking for Lupo Cambridge lights. Used or New. Cheers
  2. Okay do you know if theres a guide how to replace the check straps looked at the main one but its got no photos any longer... also same for refurbing the starter motor?
  3. Hi I recently purchased a Lupo GTI and the drivers side door hinge keeps making a noise everytime you open and close it it's like a clicking noise really annoying. Does anybody know how hard it would be replacing the hinge and where I could get the part from? Also it starts first time and drives spot on however the starter motor makes a noise after a second of starting it's like it sticks a bit any quick resolution to this other than replacing it? I know it doesnt effect it all but just a bit annoying. Any help appreciated. Thanks Harpy
  4. Rich give them your GF stop being tight her car needs to be slammed and on decent wheels... Harpy !
  5. Hello im looking for a Volkswagen Lupo 1.4 dont mind if sport or not. Has to be already modified with decent wheels and on coilys. I have £3500 too spend maximum.
  6. harpy

    Lupo 1.4

    Hello i have a decent budget as i have just sold my audi a3. i am looking for a lupo 1.4 modified on coilovers etc... what you got
  7. Hello im looking for some Steffans for my Lupo cant find any ?
  8. Hello just brought a Navy/Blue Lupo 1.4 im looking to put it on Coilovers and some smart wheels which give it a good stance.... I am looking to spend £600 maximum for wheels with adapters? Give me ideas
  9. hello anyone got his number want to make him a offer i did have it but my iphone restored
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