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  1. From a series 2 Arosa - front and rear seats, headrests, 4 door trims, 2 door pockets - all in light grey, good condition. Free, but you must be able to collect them - I need the space that they are taking up. Located in Mynydd Isa ( Nr Mold), North Wales. Anyone interested please pm me on here.
  2. Thanks, I'm pleased with it, and it has improved the sound quality (and the radio reception surprisingly)
  3. It's not that, I'm still in the process of connecting a CD changer unit to it and haven't threaded the lead for that through yet, saves me having to "unlock"it from the dash again with the four spring clips.
  4. MCD satnav in place, not pushed all the way into the dash yet, still adjusting the wiring loom.
  5. All up and running (thanks to a small adaptor lead from Poland), certainly sounds much better than the original Seat radio/cassette It's surprising how good the standard speakers are.
  6. I've just had this same problem, following the last very cold spell (only just got around to fixing it). I found the location of the dislodged joint (thanks to this site) hidden behind the nearside plastic rear boot/shelf support trim, just above the rear n/side wheelarch. There is a joint there (along with an electrical multi-block connector) wrapped in some grey foam - the joint had been pushed apart completely, so must have been thoroughly frozen. I thought I had fixed the problem with that repaired, but unfortunately the cold had also ruined the rear wiper motor/spray nozzle assembly - took that apart and found the small metal pipe that goes through the spindle had also frozen and was damaged beyond repair - new wiper motor required, but at least I can fix it myself.
  7. Thanks for all the tips, I think I have sourced the right connector now, fingers crossed.
  8. Thanks for the information, that is helpful. If you could describe/ give a link to the plug and play lead required that would be great - I've done a google search and there seem to be a range of VW plug and play leads available (varying in price) and I would like to be sure I was getting the right one.
  9. The satnav canbus ? I've heard about LED lights giving problems on some modern cars, I didn't know it could apply to radios/satnavs. What is the 59 minute bug ? I have seen a picture of a Lupo with the MCD satnav fitted, on this site - I was wondering if the wiring in the Arosa is similar enough to allow fitting the same unit ?
  10. Does anyone on here have any experience of fitting a VW MCD satnav ( the one with the small monochrome screen) into a Seat Arosa ? If anyone has done it does it use the standard existing wiring, or would it need an adaptor of some type ? thanks.
  11. From memory about £20-25 I think, but you do have to buy the cleaning solution that goes in it on top of that (another £5-8 ?). You don't need the anti-foaming solution that they might try to sell you. Does a good job , and you can use it to clean other stuff in the house while you have it for the day. The water that came out of the catch-tank was filthy, so you can see what a good job you're doing :-)
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