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  1. fereday04


    What have you done with your rear arch bro?
  2. Okay guys I'm looking for advice on what compressor, air tank etc. to have... I was thinking along the lines of a 12v compressor, 2/3 gallon air tank and some 12v solenoids Any of you run the kit?
  3. Soooo.. its been a while since I came on here, and absolutely nothing had changed.. until recently I got the cover for some modifications to the old arouser KW coilovers and cades eros are on fitting static+ at the weekend then im tinkering with spacers and camber to get it ready for early edition its all go
  4. Okay, and im meant to hammer it down there? How does that release the pin?
  5. Thanks for your help mate ... but i don't quite understand
  6. I've got a paper clip and a tacking pin. I'm not sure what, where im meant to be pushing them though
  7. kerchinggg, got it folded down. Sorry to be a pain.. but now what do i do?
  8. ohhhhh theres something that folds ouutt.. thanks man on the casing thing? how do i fold it out?
  9. i've taken the clip off the back of the light, yes. But done nothing else apart from try and prod the 'pins' out
  10. okay i wanna check im doing this right.. I've unsrewed the light and unclipped it from the wiring loom. Now i'm pushing the 2 metal things that are in the black casing (1 to 6) up and trying to get them out?
  11. still cant get any of them out Is there a certain technique? how hard do i need to push?
  12. Hi all, im in the proccess of putting lupo rear lights onto the arosa. But how do i pull the pins out? Cheers
  13. The back of the seats look great dude
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