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  1. Sold to a fellow enthusiast on here. hope to see her again sometime...
  2. Up for sale now in classified section: http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?app=classifieds&module=core&do=view_item&item_id=817#overview
  3. i know, my garage was shocked but VW knew straight away and had the mod kit on the shelf. all good now. Just hope people realise and listen out for noises etc, my bill wasnt too bad but try finding a 6-speed box...
  4. Now the weathers improving im using the car a bit more and decided to keep her and have done a few bits... removed, rubbed down and re-painted my whiteline ARB gloss red as it was a bit rusty: Planning on having a remap so thought id ensure all the foundations are good. Had gearbox removed and rebuilt and turns out it was JUST in time before the box was a write off. If you have a gti this may be of interest to you... Excuse my lack of technical detail/knowledge but VW know about a common prob with GTI boxes where the bolts or rivets around the inside of casing come loose and when free damage
  5. Thanks mate! I absolutely love it, just dont like seeing it sitting there just getting dirty and not getting the use it should
  6. Thanks. Working late tonight unfortunately but hopefully I can manage a meet or two before she goes
  7. Make: VW Model: Lupo Gti: Year: 2001 - 51 reg Colour: Black Gearbox: 6-speed manual Mileage: 82000 MOT: End of June 2012 TAX: June 2012 Engine: 1600cc, 125bhp, 16valve, Fuel type: Petrol Full service history: Mainly VW, 2 VAG specialist Location: Erith, Kent Contact Pat: 07968107181, pat_garrity@hotmail.com Price: £4500 Specification/Modifications Full black OEM leather seats and door cards in brilliant condition with no damage Bi-Xenon Headlights + white Led sidelights and rear no. plate bulbs Front Audi S2 brake setup - S2 Girling twin pot callipers, larger discs and braided hoses Fully adj
  8. Hi what's wrong with the box?
  9. Sorry didn't realise. Was just a favour you can bin it
  10. Hi sorry haven't been on in a while. The arb bushes are standard and awesome al sorted me some poly droplink ones for around £20 I think. The car is surprisingly good over speed bumps etc much smoother than standard suspension with 70k. Just don't go mad with the lowering if you want a decent ride.
  11. Hi, not running kws, I have weitec coilovers and poly bushes front and rear. Have replaced front arb and droplink bushes too which got rid of a knocking so I'd change those as well a they are cheap. Also have the whiteline arb which is the biggest change I've noticed although on the stiffest setting it an be a bit frisky in the rain. Altogether the whole car feels very planted and handles brilliantly now. All in all well worth doing the lot together then getting aligned straight away. Patrick
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