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  1. Well thanks i read the thread and i thought that i missed something. Great power without cams and head work.....
  2. Well can you resume the modifications you have made because i am a little confused?
  3. Thanks, thats my next plans .... I have already a bigger throttle body about 4mm. You mean to flow the original inlet manifold or to create new? How can i flow the manifold?
  4. Well i run both inlet and exhaust 256-244, exhaust manifold and no head work. I have 139 hp at 6500 and the car reving to 6780. What do you advice me for next???
  5. Well i have cams and according to rolling road the engine has power until the rev limiter. I would like 200-300 revs more.... I dont want to remove the limiter... Whats your cams spec? According your power theit must be wild...
  6. How about rev limiter? Did they changed it?
  7. Hello I have read what you have written and i am wondering what ecu are you working in your lupo... Well i am trying to change the rev limiter and i cant with the siemens ecu. If you done something special please let me know....
  8. Well with a new ecu i could do my job but it would cost me much. I dont think it worths it... My car before chip with schrick cams , manifold , exhaust and induction kit, had 139,5hp and 163Nm. I dont think i could gain much with an aftermarket ecu with this setup...
  9. Thats very bad news... You dont know anyone that has done this? I dont believe that it cant be done....
  10. Hae any one discovered where is the rev limiter? I had my polo gti chiped and it was imposible to find the rev limiter. Someone told me that it is controled from clocks? Have you noticed something like that?
  11. Well what cams are you using and what ecu?
  12. polo_gti


    Without anything else you will gain .... nothing I have done it to my polo gti without anything else no it doesn't work well I am talking for 2 hp gain and loss of torque in low revs....
  13. polo_gti


    These lupos use the 260-252 cams?
  14. Until now nobody has told me that it can be done... I live in greece and here nobody can do it so far... I has thinking changing the ecu instead.. Any opinions on this?
  15. Well it seems to have slow reaction... You can change ecu keeping the same throttle? How about the other electronics of the car will they work ok with the new ecu? Has anybody done this?
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