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  1. very true but with 2 arm rests and the comfort compare to a lupo its awsome lol x
  2. the best bit is i wont have the slowest car now either wooop wooop lol
  3. yeah ok then 2 oclock is good and i am not oredering 2 pizzas like last time lol. i cant believe they brought me 2 and i struggled to eat half of the one lol. seeyou all there ellie just textme if it all changes ok thanks
  4. ill just have to meet you were ever because im going to be very hungover once again or even still pissed haha. tour is a wonderful thing. lol. concidering i am going to be late i rekon 1 o clock sounds a brilliant time be nice to see some new faces and old
  5. im feeling meet at the coldra again because everyone nows how to get there and nows were it is but im happy to go were ever so someone can leave there thought about were they would like to meet or think of somewere better??:D
  6. count me in aswell but wont be in the lupo no more t4 it is lol. i will have to text u on the 12th ell because im coming back from oxford on that day and dno what time im coming back from there. but definalty be around
  7. ask ellie about body shops she loves spending money in them. nice to see you all still have lupos even if they are starting to look the same as each others i dont i kinda blew it up lol. hopefully the new t4 will be all sorted by them let me now on time and place im happy to have a little trip out somewere.
  8. give us a shout ifyou want any help matey
  9. ellie feels loved now
  10. could be a good shout never had a night outin swansea let me now if you go ell
  11. wont be able to keepup tho will i you get me ell haha
  12. mine hasnt been cleaned since the last time we met soo technically i have most probably got a black lupo atm not a white one haha. at the moment i dont actually have a lupo its in the garage in pieces most probably but you now
  13. basicly ellie wants togo so her car dont get dirty lol. but beach and pubs and a night out in swansea and sleep in a bin sounds a good idea i am game for that. soo sarah when i get there i expect a beer in myhand alrite
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