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  1. Looking pimp Chris!! Jo lovin it yet??
  2. Looks very tidy mate!! You cant clean too much mate so just carry on!!
  3. paul.ekc

    Mattys GTI

    It should do mate its my old trim!! Looks sweet in the GTI and i'm sure Matty will look after it and even improve it with the touches he has in mind!!
  4. Again cheers for the comments!! I reckon the chip'n'pulley I bought will be up for sale soon!!
  5. Tunes update!! Myself and Mase will be kicking off the tunes properly from 7:30pm, i'm playing recent summer tunes/anthems for the 1st hour into an old skool hour then bout 9:30 Mase will be kicking it into D&B territory till the finish at 11:30pm!! Should be a great night for all involved, come say hello, gis a wave or ask for a shout for your crew!! Anything goes really as long as its in the spirit of the night and if you fancy it get your All Types trackies out and flash them glow sticks!! See you there, cant wait!!
  6. Looks nice on the D's mate!!
  7. Not quite mate but I appreciate the compliment!!
  8. Very nice mate!! Tootles around town like a normal 1.3i below 3K revs, after that it pulls like a train!!
  9. These were taken at All Types a few weeks ago!!
  10. I just did the whole thread in reverse!! Loving the look though Mitch, I may have a few ideas as to the interior of this and cant wait to see it in the flesh at E38!!
  11. paul.ekc

    Mattys GTI

    Make with the pics Matty!!
  12. paul.ekc

    Mattys GTI

    Pics of the interior??
  13. Dont worry people, I think Tom may of had a few stock issues due to sheer demand!!
  14. How bout a checked roof but in charcoal black and a dark silver BUT in a matt finish to give it a twist??
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