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    Only one as far as i know. But very early models were slightly different. yeah, you need a butterfly type clip to hold the valve in place, and the two new o rings, so it doesnt suck air into the system.
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    Yeah, got two tubes and a hole in the top, with a water bleeder at the bottom. EUro car parts or GSF would be a place to start. Else ebay... about a tenner delivered. Make sure you get two little rubber "O" ring seals with it for the anti syphon valve. Welcome to club lupo car pic please
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    Just went out in the car and tried to wind the electric window down but heard a bit of a straining noise then it fell down and wouldn't go back up. Got the door stripped down and taken the mech out and I'm pretty sure that blue roller has snapped a bit off and the cable should wind around it. Any ideas where I can get either a repair kit or a replacement part? Should the cable that normally goes around it look like that or has it also been damaged?
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    I fitted the £22 eBay one (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-VW-LUPO-SEAT-AROSA-PASSENGER-LEFT-ELECTRIC-WINDOW-REGULATOR-REG-98-05/193484677001?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649) yesterday and it's actually really good. I took my time aligning it all and it's perfect again.
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    This is how it's currently being held up until the regulator turns up tomorrow Those GoPro suction mounts are immovable once on so it's the main insurance against the masking tape failing.
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    Its a blue emulsion i rollered on🤣 no chassis notches . my 1 Ltr beater.
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    OE shock - £101.21 inc vat 4+ Shock - £63.56 inc vat, but only to be used in pairs
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    I assume it's not meant to look like this then? Interestingly it does seem to be OEM
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    It's a rear beam balancer weight (apparently). Had to look up the part number as I hadn't seen it before either. No idea what it's for or where exactly it goes. I'm sure it has a purpose though... WRC experts out there? I'm sure it fine tunes the rear suspension somehow when in race mode? welcome to club lupo
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    Send me a pm with the radio serial number and vehicle chassis number and I'll see what I can do
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    Yep a total bargain! 6E0 500 047
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    I so want to do this to mine
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    Legend! Thanks mate!
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    536418_10150797740875450_529485449_12138372_465185648_n by JensonM, on Flickr 562101_10150791152895923_601450922_12058571_564553808_n by JensonM, on Flickr
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