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    Hel really are the best brake lines out there - happy to say I have been a Hel user for many years. By using all stainless they completely moved the goal posts that the former go-to Goodridge had put up with rusty steel fittings. If you ever need a custom line, go to Hel direct, they make them up to order, whatever length and fittings you require, turn around is good too - seem to recall next day service each time I used them. One question on your front brakes - did you clean out the sliders? and re-grease?
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    The Janspeed rear ‘box isn’t that much louder than the original VW cat back it replaced- in all fairness though, the original centre ‘box did have a hole in it which was only apparent when it was cut off, it was right on top where the MOT testers couldn’t really see it.... I have got some recent video footage of it at idle after warm up which I will try and upload here, it might take me a while though so don’t hold your breath.... Managed to upload it quicker than I thought.... The Janspeed was a bit of an accident, I started asking the seller about postage and ended up buying it.... Martin.
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