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    Haha!! I'd forgotten about this. You know all is forgiven. Was just a crappy situation. Get posting 😉
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    Wow! Having read through this thread years ago, I figured now I’ve just bought the car (and completed its first successful race weekend in 2-3 years) I’d have a refresh and pipe up! It’s funny how things pan out, as Dave knows (and we’re well past it), I was also ‘responsible’ for the GTi doors ‘cheating’ issue, (I’m that b*****d), but only because I was told by the scrutineers I’d have to remove them from my original build (which incidentally never got finished so I moved on) so I only raised a question 🤦‍♂️ Nevertheless a lot has changed to the car after Dave’s ownership including a fair few new yet unsuccessful engines. Personally I’ve not done a lot as yet other than get him out Saturday gone and grab a Pole, Win and FTD in the Castle Combe Hot Hatch Series. So, if I’m welcome based on my “b*****d” label, I’ll happily update the thread with that’s happened since and what Eric is like to date....
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