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    (little up date from the last few months) So I've been spending lots of moneys on the gti over the last few days! decided to change out the bushes. also i had to change the rear shocks for my MOT as they had started to leak so decided it was time for them to go. took a long trip to go and pick up my new seats also not revealing anything yet need to have them re trimmed. I also had my cams sent off to be re-profiled by 'piper cams' and decided id have a local machine shop port and polish the head while its off to hopefully give the girl some more powerrrrrr, think the next step will be a 4,2,1 manni and decat so if anyone has one please give me a message! Slowly getting there but I've had to find a new daily so progress has been slow on her over the last few months the "polow" is now done anyway and is up to an acceptable driving standard for me now! (just the usual tho nothing too expensive just coilies, wheels some light audio work, bigger breaks and an interior swap)
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