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  2. Sorry sold it on today. Thanks
  3. Ach! Small errors with catastrophic consequences, they are the worst! The Lupo and I have made some progress today. I've changed the alternator belt, so no more annoying squealy noise. That's an enormous improvement right there! I've checked the timing belt and replacing that is top of the list of things to do. Still not sure though if I pay someone to do it or try to bribe my mechanic/neighbour with cake to give me a hand. He does this sort of thing for fun apparently. I've also changed oil and filter, spark plugs and air filter. A couple of things have popped up, of course. Spark plugs 1 and 2 had quite a bit of oil on them. I'm hoping that's been caused by the haphazard oil filling procedure of previous mechanics (or a leaky oil filler cap maybe). But a failing cam cover seal is also on the cards. Earlier this week I've been reading a thread about Gti's pretending to be kangaroos when cold including @mk2's entirely plausible explanation what's causing it, e.g. sticky throttle valve. And indeed there was quite a bit of oily gunk inside the air filter housing, throttle valve and splattered all over the throttle body, but it's not immediately obvious where it's coming from. Crankcase breather possibly?! That will need looking into. So that's gonna keep me occupied for a while... I can also report that the new tyres have made a massive improvement in terms of noise vibration and harshness as well as grip. I can definitely recommend those Hankooks. Oh another thing: @mk2 with you being local, I wondered if you have any idea how I could get my hands on a computer running vw software for doing some geeky diagnostics? I'm assuming that similar to how it is with BMW that you get lots more info compared to a generic obd2 reader?!
  4. Why thank you! I have the necessary tools I feel. Never enough tho is it haha
  5. Hi, Is this still available? Could I have a your contact details. Thanks
  6. danno

    Lupo GTI mats

    These are now sold.
  7. LOL! Yeah it happens... I must also admit to failure. I once rebuilt a V8 engine. A thing of beauty, with lots of very expensive race components for a client. After putting it back in the car, with everything connected, basically job finished, I started up. It ran sweetly and just the way I wanted. While mapping it on the rolling road, the oil light came on. Low oil pressure. Long story' short, I'd put in the oil pump impellor the wrong way round and it slowly decided to destroy itself sending bits of metal all around the engine- even pushing through the oil filter bypass valve. Everything was ruined. Bearings, performance pistons, journals, seals, nitrided cam, nitrided crank, titanium rods... Engine was written off. Mmm. Happens to the best of us. That was my worst mess up ever. About £8000. And so many hours lost.
  8. Yeah, the top loop seems to have snapped in half. I like your second idea better, in fact I have been thinking along similar lines. I'm not really bothered about OEM or not, I just want to prevent the door falling off. I'll share when I've figured it out. And then I was being a total and utter klutz! First I put the steering wheel a notch or so out of alignment when I did the wiper switch on Sunday. Obviously that annoyed me all week, so I took the steering wheel off again to straighten it and in doing so I broke the little yellow plug apart that connects to the airbag. D'oh! Idiot! So: Airbag light on - Replacement clock spring £18.95 off eBay arriving Tuesday or Wednesday next week.
  9. Last week
  10. Proper pics. Proper workshop. That's dedication to the cause 👍🏻
  11. Welcome to Club Lupo There's a how-to do it yourself on here.
  12. not what you need just before an event - Good luck where did you get the flywheel?
  13. UPDATE: Got a lot sorted today! So managed to change the front Arb Links. Nice new rubber! Oil and filter change too! Old stuff smelt of burgers haha! I’m convinced the previous owner ran this on veg. Not a problem just it’s smells like an old BBQ ha! also took it to the local alignment place I got new tyres fitted couple of months back as documented on here, and since then the car has chewed the outside edges of the tyres to nearly bald! So new front tyres needed again! Ffs. oh well let’s hope the alignment has now fixed this issue. Anyway. Pics as always!!
  14. My 1.0 E cost £215 for cam belt and water pump at my excellent local VW independent. My old Fabia VRS came up at about £280, two years ago.
  15. Nice one, thank you for getting back to me on this. Jheeze thats quite a lot for requested parts and labour fitted, maybe my price was okay then.. So we can confirm that the water pump is located on the Aux Cable for these engines?
  16. I bought a Gates cambelt kit for 60, a waterpump for 40 and paid a garage who i know well and work mainly on vws 150 to fit it. I also supplied the coolant and a aux belt. I had quotes for parts and labour ranging from 375 to 472 elsewhere.
  17. Hi people, first post! Just need a little pointer with this one please. I have a 1.7 SDI AKU Lupo that is a great little car. The cambelt was due a change so I took it to an Indy garage and they have quoted £308 just for the cambelt which I thought was quite steep considering that water pump was not included in that price. After doing some digging I think that the water pump is driven by the Aux cable? Am I correct? If so they may not need to change that. But at the same time, if they are working there then they should do, right? I am left feeling a little ripped off and I just wanted to hear from someone with experience on what they may think? Surely I could have the water pump and cambelt done for around £300-£350? I live in Oxfordshire. Thanks, Adam
  18. Thanks! I did check before and the coolant was the correct temp for the engine. But the dial on the dash is wrong/faulty. It’s also using a little coolant every week so I’m hoping they are linked. there are no leaks that I can see
  19. Another complication is that there are two different wavelength variants. If you buy the wrong type blank, it won't communicate whatever you do! RAB
  20. Quick pre event update, Ive been having some starter motor grinding issues which havnt been solved with swapping the starter, however the car has always started... until tuesday night... Starter motor stopped engaging with the ring gear, swapped starters again only to find the issue wasnt fixed. Was a late one pulling the box out tuesday night to find the teeth on the lightened flywheel were absolutely goosed! aswell as signed of uneven wear on the friction disc against the flywheel also. the clutch never felt the same after fitting the lightened flywheel so i suspect it was either the wrong part or just badly designed. Got the stock one back on now for tomorrow's event and it starts super quietly now.
  21. If closer, i'd steal it from you Bargain! How to fix it... It's just one 10mm bolt that is out of adjustment. If you able to get under the car, on the mech that goes into the gearbox, next to the exhaust, there's a bolt that adjusts the rotate angle of the shaft that goes into the gearbox. My guess is that it simply needs to slide up its slot by about 2mm. (If the box is still ok and reverse still works?). If the box was 'just' working ok after the refurb and gradually went wrong, then it might be the selector bolt I mentioned above. If it just stopped while driving, then it might be more serious, especially if there were any noises (internal selector fork dropped out).
  22. I can't make out if the top loop is only half there? Looks like the lower one is ok though. If the top is only half there, I'd just weld a bit of sheet steel back on, clean up the weld mess then touch up with some paint. Only trouble is that everything will need to be protected from welding and grinding sparks which destroy plastic, glass and fabric... almost a case of a full strip out just to fix it. Ah, just had an idea- you could fanricate an L shaped bracket that matches the lower one. Then with two steel rivets, place it directly above the broken top loop. Not OEM, but would work?
  23. If your existing key is a remote, first check that it has a good battery. Then turn on ignition without starting and press lock and unlock a few times. That should re-synch your key without using VCDS. RAB
  24. Yes, 2001 Lupos and earlier are Gen 2, later are Gen 3. See the link that I provided. At least your Lupos are secure - from you! Can't be that secure: https://www.keymoon.uk/vw-lupo-key-hu66t.html RAB
  25. sj2112


    Still have an itch for another gti... Nothing I've seen for sale grabs my attention. If anyone is looking to sell, send us a message. I'm not a dealer or anything. Preferably no imports. Cheers 🙂
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