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  2. Hi Guys, Some good information on the taxing and importation. I am currently in the market for a nice clean 3L with Cruise control, sunroof , (Park assist - Joking) so the information on this thread is beneficial. Looks like I will be making some trips across the water to view/purchase the ideal car, given how scarce they are here in the UK. If anyone has any suggestions or know of one then please hola. Thanks all
  3. Hi Guys and Girls, New member here from Kent (UK). I previously owned a 1.7sdi nicknamed 'Wally' which was a commuter car for bad weather which allowed me to keep the mileage off my weekend car and also saved me from using my motorbike when the weather was grim. Loved the Lupo which had 196,000 miles when I sold it. Fantastic car and it made me grin from ear to ear due to the torque that this little beastie had. Many an Audi would underestimate the speed of this 'badboy' and it made me chuckle as I punched it...... Some years later I find myself looking for another Lupo as I miss 'Wally' but this time I am in the market for a 3L. Really enjoyed my ownership not forgetting the ridiculously cheap running costs and reliability. Have two other cars in my stable and I also enjoy collecting watches and other nostalgic and rare items. Thanks for now :)
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  5. It does feel like some kind of flexible type hard plastic / fibreglass construction now i've looked at it.
  6. The most ridiculous looking parcel! Managed to kind of merge two boxes together. Parcel2go/Hermes have quoted £24 to post this. Weight is 4.5kg. Cheers
  7. Definitely an awkward size!
  8. So i've started doing the swap and can't really see a way when i remove the dizzy, and to use the AHW loom and ECU where does the camshaft sensor go? Maybe use the output on the distributor, not sure if signal is the same?
  9. It's not metal, its a sort of fibreglass construction, not massively heavy but an awkward size to post
  10. Looks like metal to me. I'll get you a price for posting. What is the postcode it would be going to?
  11. Yesterday
  12. The five digit pin code began with a zero.
  13. Did the PIN code, which is related to the rice grain chip in the key start with a 0? Curious to know if they are 4 digits still. Actually... just had a thought. With VAG commander or other ROM code dump utility, you could download the ROM and see if you can find your code sequence in the memory sequence. Then with that info, the common memory address location of all Lupos could be found... we could all get our SKCs. The 8 digit code is the wireless remote central locking code I think. That may also be extractable the same way as the SKC...? What do I know. Just speculating!
  14. Once completed, I was supplied the 8 digit key code and a 5 digit PIN code
  15. I get the general impression from reading stuff on the German Lupo club (https://lupoclub.de/forum/) that once you've managed to extract the SKC (=secure key code, I think), which is a 4 digit number, you can do stuff... VW HQ Milton Keynes used to provide you the code if you could prove you were the legal owner of the car. But not since about 2006 sadly. When you buy a new vdub, the number is provided on a plastic keyfob thing with a scratch card type thing. Or used to be. My mk4 had it tucked into the user manual wallet thing. Almost binned it until I discovered what it was... most handy. But there are a number of SKC extraction apps out there. Not found one that works on a Lupo.... Yet....
  16. That’s exactly what was done, though they used a number of different software programmers to identify the correct coding.
  17. I just attacked the 3 rusted nuts that hold the brake light into the spoiler. It’s not a particularly tidy job, but was the only way I could see to remove it. Quite what VW were thinking when using these cheap and nasty fixings I don’t know. Not normally the VW way. I had the original black spoiler to practice on 😂 breaking through the light is less straight forward as the top of screw heads are smooth and well sunk into the light fitting itself. The spoiler will definitely be reattached with stainless fittings.
  18. Been told that they use OBD port to pair up keys and RKE. So obviously a question of the right software, nothing else...
  19. Can't say the ETA on my guide....coming though
  20. Guessing M8? You want the copper types...
  21. I'll put some pics up later, none on my phone currently. And your MK4 sounds like ours! Sills are completely shot at the front, last time i tried to jack it up it just crumpled into nothing, doesn't help with the liberal amount of salt they put on the roads here (thankfully the Disco is waxoiled within an inch of it's life). But yeah, it would be much much cheaper just to get another Mk4, the subframe is going, the steering rack is just about gone, but it still has it's original engine, gearbox and turbo! Only reason it hasn't made the journey into the afterlife is because the missus has owned it for over 15 years and can't bear to part with it (although it will be going beforelond :( ).
  22. mk2

    My Lupo GTI

    Sounds like a how-to is needed here....
  23. More SDI pics? Yeah that engine in the mk4 is a beaut. Really is. Shame about the bodywork on early mk4s. Same as my mk4. It's probably going to need welding this year. Both sills, all the way from front to back. Probably cheaper and easier to get another. Plus VED is expensive.
  24. The brake light is out now with the help of a Dremel. What a pain that was.
  25. Never had a problem with the old Golf's AHF lump (330k on the clock), which after sitting for nearly a year in the yard after the clutch shat itself, fired up first time last weekend. Would love to drop it in place of the trusty SDI before the Golf itself disintergrates and gets collected by the scrappy, but I have the task of finishing the Lupo's bodywork (amongst other things) a year after i last touched it, ho hum.
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  27. Hi could you tell me what size manifold nuts are for 1.0 lupo please
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