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  2. Which is the best thing they are for. As soon as you dump your car, the ride turns to garbage and it usually handles worse.
  3. miodek89

    Roof antenna

    Does the VW Lupo seal fit the antenna? ETKA number 1J0035350 https://allegro.pl/oferta/uszczelka-anteny-dachowej-1j0035350-oryginalna-8376544714?utm_medium=app_share&utm_source=facebook
  4. Skezza

    SDI straight pipe

    I had one. Made the car sound utterly awful.
  5. the film windscreen ones aren't THAT bad.
  6. pc2-69-4 from ebay, halfrauds, amazon etc. off you pop.
  7. Is your odometer low or high, you should really get it fixed.
  8. You'd need the corresponding ECU as well right, or something like a megasquirt? The SDI ECU is an older iteration of the software.
  9. I posted my pedal box a few years back when I replaced it. It was hanging on for grim life by the time I removed it. It's a weak seam weld that goes. Rich is right you can repair it. I personally didn't trust myself to weld it properly (it's something I've never learnt, sadly). I can vouch for the new part but it's expensive. I think I paid £90 for mine? You can find them on eBay occasionally for cheap though.
  10. Just a couple of questions on front door card speaker replacements. 1) Do you 'NEED' the door speaker adapter plates? If so can you say what size? 2) Am i right in thinking the Speaker size for replacement is 6.5in Anything else i should invest in to make job more easy? Thank You
  11. Yesterday
  12. Usually a sign that the linkage is worn or slightly out of adjustment. Worth checking it. Every single 085 gearbox linkage I've ever checked has had faults- mainly the rubber seal to the rubber ball cup fails, allowing muck in, wearing everything out. Sometimes the plastic linkages go loose (cheap to replace) or the shaft bearings. There's a little slot with a 10mm lock nut that you can move up or down. I always slide it up a mm or two so it helps selecting reverse easier.
  13. You should get a red alternator light (battery symbol) if it's not charging. Especially if you start it with the brakes and headlights on, interior fan on max, and rear screen demistor on. Should glow brightly, indicating a fault. Should also light up just after turning on ignition before starting showing you that the lamp isn't broken. On many vdub alternators, you can replace the regulator and brush assembly unit for a few pounds (two screws and a nut). Means you don't even need to take it out of the car or mess with the belt...
  14. Thanks Skezza, I found a set of clocks from the same vehicle and year, swapped them today and it works now, had to clear some codes but seems good so after after a 20 mile trip Nice not to have to use the sat nav to know what speed I'm doing
  15. It is the alternator. If you're lucky it's a voltage regular and it shouldn't be much hassle to change.
  16. So I bought a battery charger, charged the battery full, drove around for a bit and it's been fine. The wife drove it to work this morning and it cut out in the middle of the road. I went out with jump leads, jumped it, it went a bit further and stopped again. When it cuts out, the dashboard goes mental with ticking, beeping, airbag and ABS lights first. It's the alternator isn't it? Hard job on these? It's got aircon.
  17. If the car is not used that much, consider one of these: https://www.a2oc.net/community/index.php?threads/help-locked-out.40802/#post-365804 RAB
  18. Normally an autoleads harness. But like Mk2 said a pic of the back connection will help
  19. Thanks I shall have a look. if getting into reverse becomes a pain more and more. Is that a sign of the gearbox on its way out?
  20. Last week
  21. Sounds about normal. You could adjust the slop take-up spring on the end of the cable (in engine bay). Obvious when you see it. 10mm lock nut and a 13mm i think... Leave a bit of spring slop, as it stops the clutch release bearing wearing out too quickly.
  22. Ok so the clutch rest position is still at the at the same height as the other pedals, just doesn’t engage until 2 inches of press. I haven’t adjusted anything Got any pictures of where and how to adjust. never done it before. thanks as always
  23. miodek89

    Roof antenna

    This way?
  24. miodek89

    Roof antenna

    I understand that I can pull out the old one and put on a new one without any tools or setting up?
  25. Just found this old pic of a pedal box I'd removed and left outside in the skip. Shows the weld that breaks.
  26. It just stretches under the base and tucks in underneath
  27. Thank you! much appreciated, hopefully I can get it all built up soon!
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