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  2. Yes was 10 on eBay per side It's just human greed
  3. Curious to find out how many people have checked their injection timing deviation using VCDS or other diagnostics? I've been reading various sources that the cam belt replacement on the 3L or tdi lupo is a very critical endevour where you need to use locking devices, pins and odd paraphernalia. Rubbish. I did a 1.4 AMF the other day, and besides knocking up a fork to hold the tensioner in place, just used basic tools and a torque wrench. You really don't need them. The trick I think I've found is to use measuring block 4 item 4 which tells you the deviation from normal for the injection timing. Should be zero, but when i checked it before starting work, it was -1.2 (late). Some people reckon about +2 is the best setting. So easy to change just by loosening off the 3 cam bolts, turning a fraction by leaving the engine in gear, rolling car and tighten up again. Then start and check. Has anyone checked theirs? Curious to know what figures people are seeing. You need to check it with a fully warmed up engine under no load at idle.
  4. Local independent motor factors often have these kits sitting on a dusty shelf somewhere. Still labelled with an old price or on clearance. If you go to ECP or GSF you'll pay more. I've noticed that even parts suppliers on Ebay are ripping off people these days. I dunno what's going on...
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  6. Thanks mk2. I have fresh fluids on the to do list. Need to order the correct fluids first so a bit of searching is in order. Geoff
  7. Hello! I was looking to buy my daughter an UP! But she prefers older cars, so i am now considering a Lupo... As it is to be her first car (not so experienced yet) i am worried about safety - both cars seem pretty good but i was wondering is the Lupo as good as i would like it to be? What are the views of forum members? Has the Lupo got ESC/ESP? What other electronic aids has it got? Thanks for your help
  8. Hi all, I’ve just gone to reinstall my GTI headlights after taking them off to be polished, and noticed one of the HID projector housings was moving inside the passenger side headlight...I look inside, and sure enough, the plastic adjuster/retainer has broken into many pieces 😩 does anyone know are these available separately, or am I resigned to a new headlamp?! thanks a mill!
  9. price now £600 (and still open to offers)
  10. mk2

    Lupo Race Build

    Don't like R32s... heavy, cumbersome, barges, that are nothing at all like a mk1. And the engines are not that good IMO. How heavy is an R32? Something like 1.4tons i think? Comfy on a long euro cruise though. I have an old, free, poverty spec thing with that dreadful 01M gearbox. Only use it for long trips. Go on, you know you want a gti.... Get one. That smile on a gti drivers face says it all.
  11. Cheers man, yeah i've still got the Mk1, though it needs a bit of work to get it back to the condition it was in that photo in 2004. Originally i was looking to get a Lupo GTI though settled on an R32 instead lol. I'll get another Lupo one day!
  12. Yeah, the rebuild kits are like £5 for a pair of calipers. Just 4 bits of rubber. Take pads out. Stamp on brake until piston pops out. Undo brake hose and seal off. Rebuild caliper. Get a small red rubber grease pack. Refit. Flush and bleed. Sorted. New caliper performance with minimal cost. 👍🏻
  13. mk2

    Lupo Race Build

    Pete you have good taste. A Mk1 and a Lupo... (at least that's what i can make out from your pics...)
  14. http://www.dashmount.co.uk/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=ilvm_fly_showroom_mall.tpl&product_id=1995&category_id=218&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=55
  15. A. Self refurb. B. Find a second hand one. C. I once fitted a golf MK2 16v one to a polo GTi which near enough uses the same calipers.
  16. For a 1.4 tdi cheapest I can find refurb is 90 quid, I mean ffs for a wee thing like this. I think a front one for the 320d is cheaper, why are they so bloody expensive.
  17. One of the biggest regrets in my life was selling Eric on, it's just one of those things that had to be done at the time though. I am however, so happy that it's had a great life as race car, so please do carry on updating this thread, Erics life story as it were.. He's still on my desktop even after all these years! Cheers Pete
  18. Haha!! I'd forgotten about this. You know all is forgiven. Was just a crappy situation. Get posting 😉
  19. mk2

    Lupo Race Build

    Up to date pics? We all want to see how its looking....
  20. Last week
  21. Wow! Having read through this thread years ago, I figured now I’ve just bought the car (and completed its first successful race weekend in 2-3 years) I’d have a refresh and pipe up! It’s funny how things pan out, as Dave knows (and we’re well past it), I was also ‘responsible’ for the GTi doors ‘cheating’ issue, (I’m that b*****d), but only because I was told by the scrutineers I’d have to remove them from my original build (which incidentally never got finished so I moved on) so I only raised a question 🤦‍♂️ Nevertheless a lot has changed to the car after Dave’s ownership including a fair few new yet unsuccessful engines. Personally I’ve not done a lot as yet other than get him out Saturday gone and grab a Pole, Win and FTD in the Castle Combe Hot Hatch Series. So, if I’m welcome based on my “b*****d” label, I’ll happily update the thread with that’s happened since and what Eric is like to date....
  22. Just thinking of mounting a nextbase 350BT DAB unit in the car (don't wanna put a fancy headunit in there for it to get stolen) and have this laying around. Where would everyone say to mount the unit, i don't really want it on the window screen so on the dash somewhere would be perfect just not sure where, and also would tapping into the Stereo or Cig lighter fuse be OK? (piggy back fuse holder)
  23. I'll second what @Sausage said 👍🏻
  24. Get a lupo. Do it. It'll make you happy. I guarantee it. Just don't venture inside the A406. Problem solved.
  25. I've hammered many a t45 into those.
  26. Mole grips with a bit of copper padding will do it without messing up the shock under the arch between the spring coils. Or hammer a hex in there.
  27. I previously listed this spoiler - here A buyer indicated that they accepted the quality of the surfaces (which need quite a lot of work) but on receipt claimed the ends were 'severely' damaged in transit, (they hadn't been). I'm attaching further pictures so that anyone interested may be sure of how much time will be required to get it cosmetically fit. I'd stress this as I would not again be keen on posting it out and then taking it back, i.e. should anyone want to buy, it'd be on a no-returns basis. Having wasted time and money on the previous transaction, I'm prepared to consider any reasonable offer if someone is ready to spend the time on it, (and have a factory spoiler at a big saving.)
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