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Engine Replacement Question

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I own a 2002 Lupo 1.4S and it has blown a piston. My local garage has informed me that I need a replacement engine.

The current engine is a 1.4 16v with the engine code AUA.  I have read that the AUA are notorious for going, so was wondering whether there are any other engine codes that will be a direct replacement.

I would like to stick to a 1.4 16v for my insurance costs and have found an AUD and BBY engine.  I am just not sure if either of these will fit into my car ok without needing to replace any of the ancillaries or gearbox..

Can anyone offer me any advice on these 2 options, or provide me with an engine code that will fit best.



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AUA is a 55 kW engine. The similar 55 kW engines that equipped lupo (with the same manual gearbox 085E code FFR or ETD) are: AHW, AKQ, APE, BBY. AUD isn't a 1.4 16v 55kW motor. It is 1.4 8v 44kW engine.

I think the most similar with AUA is APE (the wiring diagrams are identical, the same ECU's  Magneti Marelli 4AV). AHW and AKQ are the older generation (with only one oxigen sensor), ECU's and wiring diagrams aren't the same with AUA, and BBY is a newer version with two oxigen sensor but with individual induction coil (the same story like AHW and AKQ from the point of view of wiring diagrams and ECU).

The conclusion is that the best fit is an APE engine for a direct replacement.

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Thank you

so is it true the AUD is a bit pants? 

Rather get the better one now then if so than it happen again 

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