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  1. Thank you so is it true the AUD is a bit pants? Rather get the better one now then if so than it happen again
  2. Saz80

    Seeking 1.4 16v petrol engine

    I know, gutted! Thought I had got a bargain as well it made it 10 miles away onto the M6 and it went all mental with the oil light alarming but there was no hard shoulder so I couldn't pull over immediately ?
  3. Hello, I own a 2002 Lupo 1.4S and it has blown a piston. My local garage has informed me that I need a replacement engine. The current engine is a 1.4 16v with the engine code AUA. I have read that the AUA are notorious for going, so was wondering whether there are any other engine codes that will be a direct replacement. I would like to stick to a 1.4 16v for my insurance costs and have found an AUD and BBY engine. I am just not sure if either of these will fit into my car ok without needing to replace any of the ancillaries or gearbox.. Can anyone offer me any advice on these 2 options, or provide me with an engine code that will fit best. Thanks, Saz
  4. Saz80

    Seeking 1.4 16v petrol engine

    Bought a Lupo on Sat and it blew a piston on the way home and needs a new engine? Any about? Already checked Ebay Thanks

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