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GTI Engine Emblem Restored!

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Hi fellow Lupists,

Just changed the cracking crappy GTI emblem on the engine cover of a 2005 Lupo GTI, using a genuine VW boot emblem, which is a perfect fit! The alternative was spending over £300 on a new cover :o(  My grateful thanks to Rich for his advice, which was golden!...

Just to note I cut the old emblem off with dental floss to avoid scratches in the plastic from a scraper (good tip for general body emblems too!). I then removed the residue with "Label Remover" (CPC) and polished the black part of the cover with first paint restorer and then polish. I removed the silicon residue from the polish with mentholated spirits before attaching the self adhesive
badge and then used dash restorer to seal the whole cover. I have to say, it looks like new (Picture attached). Oh, I have a spare original GTI Emblem if anyone has a similar problem? PM me and I'll send it to you gratis...

As always thanks for being there!

Refurbed Lupo Cover.JPG

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Ha - Nice.

Good guide. Yes mine is pretty bad as well. 

How are you hosting photos? I gave up when photoFkt messed everything up. 

Edited by Chris-M

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Hi, Thanks for the replies, yeah I would have preferred the 1.6 16V, but the "GTI" is true to the year of the car. Hi Chris, I'm just using the uploader at the foot of each text window.

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