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  1. Images

    ah ok cheers mate, proper shame though its ruined a lot of threads
  2. Images

    Is it my computer or has the images been removed from most of the threads?
  3. Lupo GTi re trimmed interior

    How much?
  4. Lupo GTi black interior

    You still got the boot lid interior panel? Also looking for a new parcel shelf if you have that?
  5. Lupo gti - L2UPD

    Imy very interested in the interior and will swap with cash too!
  6. Remaining GTI & Sport Numbers

    There's 726 on the road and 122 sorn as of the third quarter 2015. I got the info from www.howmanyleft.Co.UK which my mate told me about! Don't know how accurate it is and it's not as good as the other lads with colours etc but it's worth a look for reference
  7. WANTED - gti red door cards

    Looking for the red door cards front and rear for my gti?
  8. Hello, I have recently bought a lupo gti and have been looking through other members cars for some styling inspiration. I've seen many people have gloss black heater vents, radio surrounds etc some with pin stripes and I wondered how it was done? Is it simply a case of flattening it off then paint and lacquer? Cheers, Ed