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  1. Yellow Lupo, A59!

    Jesus mate! heck of a journey! You going to be selling the Arosa then? Let me know if you are i might know someone who is interested. Its a 1Litre isnt it? I live in Preston fella! I work as a property manager for Ribble Valley Lettings so im out and about Clitheroe, Whalley and so on most the time. This Thursday you say! what time is that kicking off then? If im free ill head down
  2. Yellow Lupo, A59!

    They looked nice man! Good stance you got there.Thanks dude! Do you live in Blackpool? heck of a journey! I remember you posting on a northwest meet but i dont think anything has come of it (or it has and i missed it)
  3. Yellow Lupo, A59!

    I had a feeling it was you! Hi! The Arosa is looking pretty awesome dude Are you running bbs wheels? they look good
  4. Yellow Lupo A1237 York Ring Road

    Another Lupo running blue wheels!? awesome
  5. Spotted yellow lupo tinted windows on M62 northbound 03/02

    My apologies! yessh M61!
  6. Spotted yellow lupo tinted windows on M62 northbound 03/02

    Hay, Sorry for the late reply. It was past bolton but before preston
  7. White lupo green steelies spotted in Preston 06/02

    Hi Alex! i didnt see it said Alex and had a link to your build thread *facepalm* Ahh cool! Yeah there doesnt seem to be much happening really is there, there was talk of getting a load of us together soon but i think that might have gone stale :/
  8. White lupo green steelies spotted in Preston 06/02

    Cool man! i saw your Arosa a few days ago over on members rides looking good, have you decided to flock the door cards in the end? Im having a royal pain in the arse time re-trimming my uppers. i re-trimmed then back in summer but decided to put some black velvet on instead which looks better but it doesnt mould good :/ You going to any meets this upcoming year? Also whats your name! haha
  9. White lupo green steelies spotted in Preston 06/02

    Hahaa i see! i was curious as i hadnt seen it around before! Arosa. Al - Im From Preston mate! I see you are from Blackpool?
  10. White lupo green steelies spotted in Preston 06/02

    Firstly how quick a response was that! haha looks a pretty tidy loop! Go 1Litres! ahaa from a glance i thought they were steelies! my apologies Are you from Prestonland then? Dave
  11. Who be this then?!! Gave you a hearty thumbs up!
  12. only saw you briefly on opposite side of the motorway, curious to know who it was
  13. went over to say Hello, didnt catch your names but you know carl who works at croft brothers? Love the car! sounded sweet when you sed off
  14. Awesome more the merrier! What up with the brakes?
  15. Fantasia Green little loop!:)

    Gotta love a Fantasia Looop!