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Ashley 4-2-1 manifold lupo gti

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Simple question, will the 1.4 16v sport ashley manifold fit the my lupo gti? It's a hell of a lot cheaper than the kam racing manifold i've found. I've only managed to find two manifolds and don't have anywhere relatively local that would be able to fab one up for me.

Cheers, callum

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Yes, but there are a couple of little bits you need to do. I had to bend the mounts a bit to get them closer to the hangers on the car. That's if you're going for the cat pipe too.

The manifold touches the plastic bit that the undertray connects to, so I had to trim around it, and the undertray won't fit back on.

It's a bit of a fanny on to fit, but it does give a performance improvement. At least mine did with a 100 cell cat.

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