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High pitched noise on Seat arosa?


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Hi there!

I'm new to the forum and in desperate need of some help. My seat arosa appears to have developed some kind of high pitched whine noise. Originally I thought this was either coming from the alternator or a loose belt, however I've had a local mechanic check it, who gave it a quick once over and said he couldn't find the root of the cause. The car only has 30k on the clock so he thinks it couldn't be anything major?

His idea was that it was either coming from the wheel bearings or drive shaft, however he put the car up on the ramp, gave it a good look, span the wheels and couldn't find the issue.

The noise appears when I reach around 30MPH and increases in pitch the faster I drive. I can drop the car out of gear whilst on a national and the noise will still appear, and only decreases as the car slows. The noise also stays at the same pitch whilst I change gears.

Please please could someone give an opinion on what they think this annoying noise is?!

Here's a recording of it :


Thanks for your help!

Car Spec:

Seat Arosa (2000 W Reg)

30K on clock

1.0 MPI

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First thing I thought was alternator belt but you've already checked that you say?

Still sounds like maybe a wheel bearing perhaps? Sounds like the mechanic didn't try very hard though.

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