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OK, I have had the Lupo a week and today we changed all the brakes with my Dad, we started with the rear drums which are quite fiddly but got everything fitted easy enough, new shoes, a new slave cylinder and some new drums too, we adjusted them manually as the self adjuster wasn't very good, done it now though with three clicks on the handbrake and a good feel to the brake pedal.

Moving on to the front pads and discs, this is where the fun really began, whoever owned the car before, or whoever they got to change the pads last time was knucking fob! It took us an age to remove the slide studs to get the callipers off, the dust covers were missing on the nearside and the offside had no rubber covers and no splines in the head to remove it with, to add to this the main dealer is closed and we need new studs and dust caps, we managed to fit the new pads, clean the callipers up and refit the old studs for now with mole grips, this will suffice until Tuesday when I can buy 4 new bolts and swap them over.

All in this is progress and we knew the Lupo needed a few bits doing as MOT is in July, tomorrow we will tackle the oil and filter and also the gearbox oil, hope the car doesn't fight us again.

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Our Lupo doesn't stop the best, but not sure if thats just because of discs+drums, it feels kinda soggy, but they keep passing MOT without problems so not too arsed to replace, as the car does still stop.

But not at all confident in changing brakes myself, so would be an independant somewhere, I just don't trust myself when it comes to safety

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All brakes changed and a slave cylinder on the rear near side, brake are super sharp now, the secret is to adjust the drums up really close, my handbrake only lifts three clicks now and the foot brake is really good.

As you say though, if you don't know what you are doing you should get somebody to do the work for you.

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These Lupo's are an expensive hobby! So far after the initial outlay to buy the car we have done all the brakes, in addition to this we have had the four wheel alignment done as the nearside front camber was way off and eating the tyre, this also included the tracking.

The only thing we couldn't do is adjust the castor angle of the front wheels, I believe there is a way to do it but means loosening the subframe and levering it forwards, does anybody know if this is the way to go?

Final purchase will be an original air box on Saturday.

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