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Hi there guys,

I recently bought r32 heated leathers for my Lupo which came with the loom and also the mk4 golf switches which fit the later Lupo dash. My Lupo has the earlier dash which means that these switches will not fit. Then I stumbled on a pair of the switches on ebay and bought them to find out that the connectors on the rear are completely different to those of mk4 switches so i cant connect the loom up to the switches. Is there any chance i can purchase connectors for the earlier switches from anywhere therefore allowing me to mod the loom to fit them or have i got to buy another loom that will fit into the connectors? Abit of a dilemma really haha but yeah any help would be appreciated, here are some pictures of what i have:


Loom which i recieved with seats


MK4 switches/connector


Lupo Early dash switches/Connector

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think i'd try to find the plugs and cable that fit the switches that you want (lupo ones?) cut about six inches of cable away from the plug and joint them into the looms that you have for the seats. shouldnt be too difficult, both wiring looms should be available on elsawin. (ask hazy about elsawin) geoff, sophie's dad.... good luck

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Cheers for the response mate I never resolved this but now have a Lupo GTi so using the original switches that came with the loom, so if anybody wants the switches I purchased for the earlier lupo dash let me know :)

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