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cambridge lights! how to take out the orange strip

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there are a couple of ways.

the way i did it was by gettin some plyers and some weird mini cutting sheer things about the sixe of plyers.

just unclip it and hold with the plyers, and cut it up to little pieces and just get the pioeces out.

its not the most conventional way of doing it, and it made a few scratches on the shiney plastic inside, but its impossible to see from the outside.

the other way is using a soldering iron, but im not 100% sure on how you do this. someone else will probably tell you that.

Hope this helps :)

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cheers! gonna give it a go now... looks to be a fiddly job :rant:

it is a bit of a B'stard but looks good :), it took me about an hour and half to do both. probably could of done it faster though, it was a nice day so i was just chillin' lol :P

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