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Private Plates for sale - R44AAT & H3YLL


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Hey folks,

both myself and my girlfriend are selling our private plates if anyone is interested? . . .

My plate reads - R44AAT (RAT . . . Or whatever you want it to say really!) I bought it as I kept buying black cars and thought it would look superb!

Girlfriends plate reads - H3YLL (HELL, HAYLEY, etc . . .)

I've had several offers for my plate over the years for £500+, but we're looking for offers over £400 (each plate) to see how things go.

Here are some pics below . . .




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No offers??

I've had them valued online and they're both worth at least £400 according to the site I used. The site will pay me £400 for each one once they're sold, and that's after they've taken their profit! . . . so god know's what they would be selling them for . . . if someone's willing to buy them straight up, I'd rather do that than go through one of these sites and wait for months before they sell.

Gimme a shout if anyone is interested. Good thing about these plates is, they don't necessarily spell a name, so can be used by everyone.

Both plates are on retention documents too, so no fuss when putting them onto your car. The £80 assignment fee for each plate has already been paid by myself.

Cheers! ;)

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