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refurbed g60 steels and tyres!


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i have got a set of 4 g60 steels and tyres for sale, just been refurbed and are in very good condition, they have no centre caps with them and the tyres will need fitting to the rims.

15" 4 x 100 and they are 6j not sure on the width of the tyres i think their 195 45's, all have good tread

will put pictures up tommorow night, collection from manchester m38

im wanting £140

cheers mark







The picture above is of a small ding in one of the lips which is barely noticeable

it doesnt affect the wheel at all and is really only visible when your up close, just wanting to be as honest as possible so im not miss leading people. The pictures do not do the wheels any justice at all, they look much better in the flesh.

i have'nt got the tyres with me at the min so cant tell people the brands, but i can assure you they are all above the legal limit and whoever buys them will not be dissapointed :D

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Will post pictures up tonight guys, will reply to your pm when I get home mat as I can't do it on my phone. Cheers mark

Will also reply to your pm to crash, cheers mark

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I'm selling black plastic centred (I believe the original G60 ones) in perfect nick. I also have the metal done ones from a mk4 6n polo (dome style with White and blue badges) check my threads, would look cracking on these wheels

Hope you don't mind the thread jack there?! You can post on mine saying that you have the wheels for sale also!? Good luck with the (no doubt swift, as they're a VERY good price) sale mate!

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nope not a problem with the thread jack mate, the center caps would finish the wheels off perfectly, and as you say they are for sale at a very good price, many thanks for your comments and good luck with your sale.

regards mark

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