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polo 16v 6b shell and engine with box

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edit: posting for a mate as he changed his mind and is selling everything!

as title

i have a 6n 16v polo 5 door for sale, or basicaly to get rid of

its basicaly for the shell and engine with box

1.4 16v engine with around roughly only 58k on clock

itll need wheels as been standing on a spare set for a while and now sold these...

also the loom has been cut so would need replacing, this is the only thing stopping it from running, the loom that is

just not got time or funds for this anymore im afraid

so basicly looking for offers on to come and pick this up off me, and hopefully be of use to someone else....

but for forum rules £100 ono

car needs to be collected and uplifted by the end of the month as tax runs out then or ill need to scrap it

so ppl get in touch

PM on here or text me on 07825020315

texts only as i work funny hours


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