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gti conversions for dummies

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decided to make this thread so everyone can stop asking how to do the conversions.

also find out why everyone says polo gti looms are easier.

done this conversion three times now so iv got the idea how you do it

you will need

polo gti engine

polo gti looms inside and out

polo gti or lupo gti ecu

and if you have cable throttle get the gti, sport, pedal box



easiest way to do central locking is to use your old loom( if it has central locking)

strip the loom down starting from the drivers side door connecters seperator the central locking wires from the other wires.

do the left side door connector firstly to the fusebox and also to the drivers side wires where they attach. secondly down to the boot of the car where they lead to the boot lock and interior lighting.

do the same to the polo gti looms while also taking out the air pump pipes.

the boot wires need to be chopped or either the pins need taking out the connector blocks

once done put the old looms to the gti ( best to go fusebox first)

the polo gti looms may have extra peices going off near to the rear speakers these where the interior light sensor connects and are no longer needed

once all fitted, soldered,crimped etc

test the central locking using your original central locking control unit.

if remote test your fob should still work without reproggramming

wrap up the loom securly as you wont need to take that bit apart again.

this loom also does your electric windows if you have them.


front light pins will need swopping and so do the rears

the 3rd brake light pin needs to be swapped over else you will find the 3rd brake light will not work ( obvs) but also the fuse will keep popping

the reverse light pin will need to be chopped and made into a double wire to use for both lights as the polo only uses one reverse light.


the looms shape is diffrent to the lupo so your will need to unwrapp the whole of the rear loom to relocate the earths for the rear lighting ,fuel pump etc

the roof lining needs to be removed to swop the aerial cable to the other side or can be extended with more aerial cable.


extra pieces will be need to do small but important bits of the conversion

the speedo sensor will need changing or chopping.

fitting the engine is just the same as putting the normal one in unless it is a 1.0 ltr then you need new engine mounts and a 1.4s,sport,gti gearbox

the gearbox bolts will need to be change for either gti bolts or you can chopp them to fitt

advice you to do the conversion on a abs type lupo as the abs one is more just plugg in and off you go.

the non abs will need you to rip the bulb out of the clocks and hide the wiring your chopp it.

throttle bodie has more air pipe hole in that will need either unscrewing and blocking or tubed to one another.

if you do not have air con take the pump off and the gti steering pump with it and replace with the 1.4 pump the belt you need is 11.4 s belt.

as for the cooling fan your need the relay off the gti that goes in the engine bay they are also on lupo gti's

connect this all up and get a garage to test it with daignostic tool

everything else is the same as the 1.4 so if you know how to take it now you know how to put it back in!


the gti heaters use electric motors and a electronic computer to adjust the heating and location of the blowing air

you can fit these in or you can simple chop the live which is the black and red large wire and solder it, female connect it to the orginal heater connector with the earth done the same aswell.

everything else is a plug and play game

done this so people that want to do the conversion have an idea what there getting into!

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