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Automatic Gear Knob(/Shifter) replacement


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Hi all, 

Recently I had to remove my gear knob from my VW Lupo 1.4 Automatic in order to remove the centre console. Whilst putting the car back together, however, my gear knob button is jammed about half way into the gear knob and out; when installing back onto my car the button is jammed in said position and thus not allowing me to change gears in the car. Has anyone else had this issue before and knows the solution/do I need to buy a new gear knob?

I'm unable to find any information regarding the Lupo specifically online, but all of the tutorials online show the cars "swapping auto gear knobs" which is helpful: but, when they release the selector itself the rod allowing the car to change gear needs to be pressed down, whereas in the Lupo it needs to be pulled up in order to change gear.

Many Thanks in advance.

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Never worked on one, but my guess is that there might be an interlock with the steering key lock? Maybe they need aligning before reassembly- with key in ign on, or run? Other automatic vdubs of that era all have some weird mech that causes headaches...

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Just found this video of a VW Polo with the same style of Automatic transmission, when this person takes the gear knob off at 1:34 in the video his Selector Lever is almost like a Housing for something. But mine looks nothing like that...


The VW Polos

VW Polo Selector Lever.png


What my VW Lupo looks like

What my VW Lupo Selector Lever looks like.png

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