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Airbag light on help

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My lupo airbag light is currently on, fault reader says the igniter for battery disconnect (N253) resistance is too high. All I've done so far is check the plugs at the igniter, has anyone experienced this fault before and how did they fix it? Thanks


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For anyone that's interested, I unplugged the wire going to the positive battery terminal ignitor and fitted a resistor. This allowed me to clear the airbag fault which proves the fault was with the igniter. I unplugged the wire going into the actual igniter but it broke (I dont think its meant to be unplugged by the look of it) and there was signs of corrosion on plug. Interestingly the plug had a bmw stamp on it, some E46 bmws were fitted with this same system. Currently waiting on a second hand terminal coming from Holland as apparently no one in the UK has one.... could have left the resistor fitted but would rather everything was right with the car.

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