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Help needed regarding interior mirror panels.


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Hello, it's me again :)

I've got quite the conundrum going on here with the doors on my Mk1 Arosa.

It started when I was installing some new original mirrors to my passenger door (old ones were not correct at all) and I noticed that the interior panel was different to my drivers side one. From what I've gathered recently, my drivers side is a correct panel with the domed hole and the lower two clips being 'slide on', just like all the Lupos, Mk1 Arosas, and Mk2 Arosas I've seen. My passenger side panel, however does not have the dome at the hole and the lower two clips are push in alike the top clip. This wouldn't be an issue as I'd just put a domed one on to match, but the holes in the door for the clips are lower altogeter. No other door I've seen is like this... Now does this mean one of my doors isn't original? I thought the drivers door was actually replaced when I first noticed this as there are many other things that imply it, expecially when the pasenger door seems very original - until you realise the mirror panels.

It may also be worth mentioning that the adjustment knobs were smooth with a rubber grommet style cover when I bought the car, whereas I know they should be ribbed with a spring and plastic to go behind the dome.

Ignore the mirrors themselves, I'm cleaning up my best ones currently.

My drivers door:


My drivers panel:



My passengers door:


My passengers panel:



Any help appretiated as always!


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