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Fox 1.4 manual window stuck

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My friends driver window has decided to go wrong after over energetic winding whilst in a panic.

It got stuck half way down, she managed to wind it back up then thinking it was ok wound it back down and this time really stuck halfway down.

Also the winder is very very stiff so could be a clue ?

I've managed to get the window almost closed half inch or less gap using the hand on each side method

Seen how to get the winder off and the door panel butI cannot find info on the actual manual window mechanism, everything I've found so far is electric windows.

I'm hoping its the clips or whatever it has to grip the window have either come off or broken.

So any idea where to get whatever is broken for a fox, VW dealers are no go using the bug as an excuse for not talking.


Thanks for any ideas or information.

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