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  1. My friends driver window has decided to go wrong after over energetic winding whilst in a panic. It got stuck half way down, she managed to wind it back up then thinking it was ok wound it back down and this time really stuck halfway down. Also the winder is very very stiff so could be a clue ? I've managed to get the window almost closed half inch or less gap using the hand on each side method Seen how to get the winder off and the door panel butI cannot find info on the actual manual window mechanism, everything I've found so far is electric windows. I'm hoping its the clips or whatever it has to grip the window have either come off or broken. So any idea where to get whatever is broken for a fox, VW dealers are no go using the bug as an excuse for not talking. Thanks for any ideas or information.
  2. All sorted, a mechanic put it back for my friend. Thanks
  3. I should be able to post one in a day or so, I wouldn't want to unplug it as it's so inaccessible I might not be able to get it back in. I've read somewhere the Polo is the same..in the meantime this looks like the box but I can't figure out from the instructions how you put it back.. https://www.team-bhp.com/forum/diy-do-yourself/169586-vw-polo-diy-upgrading-bcm-body-control-module.html According to this the ECU is in the engine compartment..
  4. Thanks, but far too large to be a tracker (I think). It's about 130mm square and 300mm thick. block of wires gointo caramel socket on top of the box but hard to get a good look at.
  5. A friend has the above car and went to release the bonnet with the lever by the door but caught something just up from the lever with the fingers and a box with lots of wiring about 5 in square. no visible numbers and looks heavy duty has dropped down, some have called it a footwell module but am unable to verify, others an ECU...but can't find anything about remove or replace and not knowing what something is makes a google search difficult Trying to put it back to wherever it came from is nigh impossible as no idea what it is. There don't seem to be any fixing points. Another friend had a go but was afraid of damaging the wiring. Any pointers gratefully received. I did post on here a few years ago but old profile has gone due to new computer..
  6. After a year the fault has come back again, wants to get rid.
  7. Some extra facts.. the engine failure light comes on then epc light comes on and loss of power
  8. Hello to all, this question is for a friend who has a 1.4 fox. The car has a very intermittent problem for a few years or so (now seems to be more frequent), engine management lights up and car conks out, might restart but eventually gives up the ghost, try a few hours later and it's ok. Not been able to see any pattern to problem. Been to a indie garage paid a load of dosh and problem not sorted. Then to a VW dealership, J778 injection system relay is getting hot, relay changed. Within a week the problem is back, VW say the same problem so put in another relay just in case first replacement was a dud. VW say if problem comes back wiring will have to be looked at. Does the onboard computer keep a log of these faults so we have an idea how long it's been going on? Only mod is Non VW reversing sensors. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated in case it comes back. Thanks.
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