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  1. After a year the fault has come back again, wants to get rid.
  2. Some extra facts.. the engine failure light comes on then epc light comes on and loss of power
  3. Hello to all, this question is for a friend who has a 1.4 fox. The car has a very intermittent problem for a few years or so (now seems to be more frequent), engine management lights up and car conks out, might restart but eventually gives up the ghost, try a few hours later and it's ok. Not been able to see any pattern to problem. Been to a indie garage paid a load of dosh and problem not sorted. Then to a VW dealership, J778 injection system relay is getting hot, relay changed. Within a week the problem is back, VW say the same problem so put in another relay just in case first replacement was a dud. VW say if problem comes back wiring will have to be looked at. Does the onboard computer keep a log of these faults so we have an idea how long it's been going on? Only mod is Non VW reversing sensors. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated in case it comes back. Thanks.
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