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Speaker / tweeter wiring

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Need to replace / upgrade the front speakers on the GTI.

Yes the originals are good but they are non existent.

I think I am best getting component speakers?

Now how does the wiring work for this?

Does the existing wiring from the headunit split so the signal is sent both to the tweeter (in the dash) and to the door speaker?

Can I use the existing wiring to the door?

So what am thinking...

Existing wiring into door then into a crossover. Crossover to the speaker. Then a new wire from door up into tweeter?

Is there a better way to do this?

What are your thoughts?

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If you want component, they come with crossover, so the feed will come from the former door speaker, then split the signal to high/low, so you will need to run new wires to the tweeters and possibly the door depending where you mount the crossovers, the old tweeter wiring won't be required.

Alpine do a good budget range, there's no point spending too much unless you're amping the speakers.

Decent coaxial speakers can be good too and you can retain the OEM dash tweeters.

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