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Wheel Width and ET

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Hello all,

I'm wondering if someone can clarify if the following will fit my Lupo 05 plate 1.0E

4x100 13x7j ET 0 (front) - currently have 165/55/13 tyres

4x100 13x8j ET -20 (rear) - currently have 175/60/13 tyres

 I’m not wanting to made any modifications to the arches, I just want to bang these on ensure they don’t rub. I also plan on lowering my Lupo in the near future (only 30mm) so I don’t want this to balls everything up.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Bung in standard wheel tyre size (not sure what 13s would be 175 65 13 maybe, but standard tyres for 14s are 185 55 14).

Negative or zero offset means they stick out quite a bit, so you would need silly stretch and low profile tyres and that will mess up your gearing, handling and ride. You will almost certainly need the arches rolling as well if you want to run sensible tyres.

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