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Front brake Flexi hose change.

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The rubber on the osf brake Flexi has perished and cracked which means I'd better change it.

I've got a flaring kit and it does look as if the metal pipe will fail through disconnecting the Flexi so a couple of questions please.

What type of brake connection is it, I know it's M10 but is it male or female. Will it take a bubble flare?

The car is an 04 1.0 auc engine.

I don't want the metal brake pipe to fail as it will mean a replacement, and the amount of rust on the caliper has me worried concerning the bleed screw.

But hey ho!

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give the ridged line and bleed nipple a good going over with wire brush -will help you see what is going on better and help tools fit properly.

The nut on the ridged line is female  the flexi threads into - you hold it in a fixed position with proper brake spanner (if the nut is already rounded use grips) and then you turn the flexi - unless your ridged line is completely corroded it should survive. Same deal for installing the new hose.

For the bleed nipple if its still looks dodgy after the wire brush - invest in a blow torch and heat the caliper body around the nipple to expand the metal, look for plusgas or supercrack penetration fluid - dont even suggest wd40 here.

Spend a bit of time, cycling between heat, your are not looking for red hot here and then spray the penetration fluid while it is hot - do this a few times before trying the nipple.

Worst case if you snap the nipple off you can bleed from the flexi hose

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