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The press car thread

Funding the thread  

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Hi all

So the press car thread. I thought I'd put this out there to gauge interest.


Now the title sounds a little odd but bear with.


For a while I was able to carry out a check on a car for free which gave me the information I needed to discover where a car was a press car. Now with a normal reg (t62dbw As a example) we know this is a press car as it featured in magazines with no private plate.


However with l4upo plate as an example it is a lot more complicated and it can be pot luck if we find the right plate. A good example of this is t35dwl. I had a suspicion it was a press car but it had a plate change. The reason how i found this car was a press car was because i remembered who owned the car now and it new plate which gave me what I needed to know. (At the time)


So for a while I have saved pictures of several cars I suspect could be press cars. But cannot confirm if this is the case.


With the search I was using it would give dates when private plates where changed. However the charge for this now is £14.99 for one car or £20 for three cars (full check)


So this is where the above question comes in. Would there be interest in funding the thread? Or a alternative to the above which is cheaper or even free?


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