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1.4 16v starting issue

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Lupo has struggled to start for some time and recent battery charge did not start her. Typically car has done short journeys and been spluttering into life on starts. Car Was left two weeks then died.  No amount of battery charging is solving it. Could the battery be completely flat? Fueling issue? Cambelt is fine and sparks were changed when informed that Bosch are rubbish for the 1.4 16v.



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Battery could be duff with a dead cell, winter usually shows up weak batteries and it sounds slow on cranking but that might be the recording. If it is slow and the battery is good then bench test the starter motor. Get fault codes read otherwise it's just guess work, give it a squirt of easy start in the air filter to see if the engine at least fires (meaning some spark).

If you leave the battery fully charged off the charger for a couple of hours and it is below 12v then it's not happy and probably has a dead cell.

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Cheers Sausage. I'm wondering if it has a dead cell. The starter seems good as it's cranking. The fuel pump has been struggling for some time now (the whine on second click of key lasts nearly 10 seconds and at over 50mph its really working hard to pump). I've got some easy start that I sprayed in last night but the battery was too dead to even consider cranking (I'd already tried cranking before the easystart).

I figure the battery has a dead cell from listening several times and it only holds 12.2volts fully charged. Now I know it can hold 12.5volts and not crank because ultimately ampage is what allows the motor to fire. I've gave the starter several taps and I have a replacement but the starter is engaging so I don't want to carry on removing it.

Regarding Fault codes I put my OBD reader on it the other night:

16502 - Coolant temp sensor failure (which may explain the rough starting previously).

17972 - Throttle body alignent - poor batter voltage (this may have been on the ECU some time).

17566 - MAP sensor - never had a bad start condition due to MAP?

16786 - EGR valve faulty - again common on VW and this has been sticking for a while.

16555 - Bank 1 too lean - this leads me onto the fuel pump issue although I'd imagine it'd be an issue at bank 1, 2, 3 + 4 not just one? Also could be related to Mass air flow sensor too.


I've got a new battery to try tonight and a new fuel filter incase the fuel is struggling to get through an old clogged filter (not sure on the last change).


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For reference ladies and gents - new battery fitted last night. Fuel filter changed. And the car tries to start with a similar noise to the above but a lot quicker. Fuel pump still sounds. At the end of my tether now so I'm going to look at getting it to a garage. :(

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