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Hello, first time I have ever joined a club not even sure if anyone used this anymore but hey, thanks for any help that comes my way!!

ive recently just bought s VW fox 1.2.. 22,000 miles. (Auntie went blind so she couldn't drive it anymore!!) 

want to start adding some nice mods to it, however don't want it looking cheap and stupid. Any ideas on where I should start? I'm wanting to stick a nice set I wheels on it, the gap is so high in the arches that it wrecks me!! Only thing is my fiancé uses the car for work and she's s community nurse so a lot of driving, so don't know if I want to get it lowered! What alloy size should I get to compensate for the arches and what other mods should I look at? 

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Hi mate

I just bought some 16" wheels and they fit really nice. The car is stupidly high from standard so i put it on some FK AK coilovers of eBay and lowered them all the way there is a lot of adjustment on the coilover so you don't have to do really low. i still need to put tires on the wheels and will see if i have any trouble with them im just using the standard wheels now. I also have a VW Lupo steering wheel i need to see if it will fit or not. I would say the main mods should be coilovers, wheels, interior parts and tints.

My thread isn't hard to find because i don't think the Fox is a very popular car in the scene, have a look and let me know what you think.

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