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Driveshaft bolt size?

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Hi all!

after having my clutch changed recently I had abit of drama with the bolts on my drive shaft coming loose due to vibration and my right hand shaft actually coming off luckily at a slow speed. When this happened i believe one of the threads has been f*****d as I can't get the last bolt in. I have someone who will rethread it for me but he wants to know the size of the bolts which is info I can't find anywhere. Any info is great.


lupo 1.0e


thanks ash

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M8 bolts on the 085 box, not sure of thread pitch but probably 1.25mm.

Make sure threads and holes are oil free and use some thread locking compound if they are undoing on you, also use a torque wrench to get the desired tightness.

Try the dodgy hole 1st, the hole threads are hardened pretty good so more likely to shag a bolt thread tbh. Grind a small 45 degree bevel on the end of the dodgy bolt to assist entry. Or use a tap and die set to clean it up.

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