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Engine Rattle near Timing Belt


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Hi there,

Please excuse my novice mechanical language....

I have owned my fox for around 7 months and recently it has developed a rattle near the top of what I believe is the timing belt, where it is attached to the engine itself.

Please see video,


I let a friend who knows a fair amount about cars have a listen and he recommended that I don't take it anywhere so just now it is off the road.

Any help or diagnostic much appreciated,



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what engine is it? sounds like a diesel.

you could try and narrow it down some more by listening to it thru with about 4 foot of hose. Find where it's loudest.

if you think it's the camshaft, try listening thru the hose on the top of each cylinder on the cam cover.

You could also take the auxiliary belt off and start the engine briefly and see if that made it go away.

Obviously be very careful with moving pulleys and belts though eh.....

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