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How to: door shut cleaning


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How to clean door shuts / door jambs.

Heres my next how to video for you! This time its how to clean door shuts / door jambs on your vehicle.

This is a very easy job to complete so I will keep this description short. All you need this time is a section of smaller detailing brushes, a couple of microfibres to dry up and a good all purpose cleaner,(here im using AMMO Citrus AP Cleaner).

Start by spraying the area with your all purpose cleaner/APC and allow to dwell for 1-2 minutes, next agitate the grime with your detailing brushes, here I use an AMMO brush and a toothbrush! Once agitated take a small flow of water and rinse clean and finally dry.

Here Im cleaning the boot however If you clean a door shut you may also need a solvent based cleaner to remove old grease.

As always thanks for watching and make sure you like comment and subscribe for more detailing videos.

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