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Hi Everyone

My driver's window regulator broke about a year ago, but due to work commitments and not having the time to, I have only recently replaced it, once it was replaced I discovered that the motor was very weak, I put this down to it not being used of a year and it had began to seize, so I have also replaced that. With these both changed, I'm still experiencing problems where the window won't go back up and on the rare occasion I get it to, it doesn't have the strength to get to the top and just either stops or goes back down. To be clear the window opens like normal but won't close as it should. I'm not sure what could be causing the problem, I removed the window seals and checked their condition, they do seem to be aged, but when I operated the window with them removed that problem was still there. I also checked the motor and it was getting very hot from the load. I'm concerned it could be a wiring issue? or maybe I've been an idiot and fitted the components wrong?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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I would replace entire regulator and lube the seals and just do it all at once instead of trying too fix little bits at once, they are just so much hassle :/

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