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Comes with all of the standard GTI kit - electric heated mirrors, xenons, lightened body panels etc.
I've owned the car for six years and done around sixty thousand miles in it, taking it up to 113k. Its been a real pleasure. Its been serviced regularly and apart from service items disks and pads, filters etc. the only thing that it has needed is a battery, an alternator and a coil pack so its been really reliable. I'm only selling because I fancy something bigger to complement my Lotus Elise and have bought an Alfa 156 Sportwagon 2.5 V6.
The last service (August 14) was a full one (oil change, oil, fuel air and pollen filters, spark plugs) and was carried out at a local VW specialist and also included front discs and pads. I have a full receipt for the work (and plenty of previous ones at the same specialist (including the cambelt at 99k) and at another trusted mechanic before that who has now retired. The tyres all match and are Uniroyal Rainsport 2s. The rears are very new and the fronts are good for another few thousand miles. The MOT expires in August and the last one had no advisories.
The interior is truly excellent condition. Its clean and there is no damage to the upholstery. Comes with original VW head unit and CD player and also with Pioneer USB iPod head unit.
The exterior is OK for its age and mileage. There is absolutely no rust but theres the odd mark here and there. If you want to know specifics then message me and I'll take some specific pictures. The rear spoiler is the VW 'option' one, which is good because it means that there is no leakage into the brake light, which is normally a common problem.
The wheels are VW Estorils and also included are a set of G60 steels, which have good Toyo tyres on them. The last photo in the set is NOT my car - its just there to illustrate what a Lupo looks like on the G60 steel wheels. The dampers are the Weitec kit and the original shocks are included in the sale.
If you have any questions then let me know.
Asking price: £2650.


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