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Standard Lupo Interior - Lupo GTI Interior

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Hey Everyone!

Im new to the site and the forums! :)

Im not doing to many mods just yet as its only my first year of driving.

maybe in a year or two i might do a few mods - i.e lowering, alloys, and other bits etc

Ive put in a Sony WX-GT90BT (Double Din) stereo in, im considering a speaker upgrade aswell, or at leats putting some speakers in the back.

Anyway, Ive just bought a lupo gti interior, and ive got a couple of questions.

- Is the swap straight forward? like a few bolts and they come straight out?

- Does the GTI interior go straight in? no need for drilling new mount holes etc?

- Does it fit? The back seat is a bench and the standard lupo interior is two seperate seats, just wondering if its wider or the same? Also do the GTI rear seats still fold down?


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The front seats will fit straight in, I have seen all the seats swapped in a car park in about 20 minutes, so nothing too technical.However, it sounds like you have a rare 3 seat rear, which IIrc doesn't have the storage bins at the side, so unless you got the plastics too, you may run into issues with it.

Legally you would also require a third lap seat belt for the centre.

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Aaah sounds good thanks man! :)

I haven't got the plastics, I was going to buy all the door cards front and rear (in black)

It'll save me a bit of money not needing to buy the storage bins then ;) but I will have to buy a belt, so I'll not be saving much haha.

What about the belt? Do you know if there's any mounting point for one? Can I do it does it have to be done by a garage? I'm assuming have to get it verified and tested sort of thing?

I'm not sure when I'm fitting them, but when I do I'll let you know how it goes!


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