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Found 11 results

  1. Looking for suggestion sound system set up for future lupo project.
  2. Sorry for the long post as well it's a lot to read Okay so to start of this is my first time ever installing something like this in a car, I followed the instructions that come with the kit however when I fitted my new active subwoofer in my car I thought all had gone well it turned on and played music through it, however the subwoofer does not turn off when I remove the key from the car. I have googled this and it said something about the remote turn on wire which for me is on the back of the head unit and is a blue and white wire. The cable that come with the subwoofer is blue not that it matters as its a remote turn on wire for the sub but I ran this wire through the car to the head unit and then I have wired the blue wire with the kit to the remote wire on the back of the head unit which was the blue and white one.....I did this by simply cutting the wire in half and then joining them together with the blue wire from the subwoofer creating a "T" junction effect. I have not got a photo of this part however in the images you can see that I have had to tape up the blue and white again while I try and find a solution haha Note:I had wired this all up before turning the sub on for the first time I didn't add the remote wire after. Sorry for the amount of detail but really not sure on what the problem could be I can have links to photos if it helps as well. Thanks to anyone who can help me Active subwoofer: Edge EDB12A 2014 model Car: VW Lupo W reg (2000) Head unit: jvc kw-xr811 http://www.manualslib.com/manual/488544/Jvc-Kw-Xr811.html?page=2#manual (Wiring/ install manual for help.) Okay so I had a second look today at this issue and I was thinking if it was possible to wire it in with the yellow wire from the iso harness as this gets 12v when the ignition is on and then goes off when the key is removed? If this is even right? this is what I mean: https://i.imgur.com/nBpyd5q.jpg I have some photos to show how the ISO harness is done I had to change the yellow and the red wires around as the Unit was not remembering anything when I turned the car off so that's why. When I first tried this by linking it up with the yellow 12v wire it made the car ignition go backwards the stereo would only come on once the car had gone from ignition to off it would not come on otherwise even if the car was started so not sure on that. I also am not sure how to show images so I have had to post links to them as well https://imgur.com/a/N8lss
  3. Hi all, I've recently purchased a lupo GTI! Love it to bits already! I've made a start on my boot build today and was just wanting to create a post to show people how I've got on and maybe if anyone could suggest anything So I've ordered 2x Rockford forsgate 8" subs to go in the boot My box dimensions are as follows; (these dimensions are not set in stone yet I'm waiting on the subs to be delivered first) 800 x 300 base 764 x 264 top 800 x 171 front & back x2 264 x 171 sides x2 I will the lay a false floor on top of the box all nicely trimmed and lit up with clear view of the subs Only got round to cutting the wood today
  4. ashby14

    My lupo false floor boot build

    Hi all i have an awesome false floor boot build which I'm considering selling anyone who interested email or text me and i will send pics Email; no1_mufc_fan@hotmail.com Phone: 07729498168 Cheers guys
  5. hello guys, I'm quite new to this, i have just brought a 1.0 lupo Se in black, as my first car, ive got a few mods lined up for it, one of these is fitting my new head unit and sub in my boot, i have brought a new sony mex-bt3900u head unit which works great, I've also got myself a nice vibe slice subwoofer and amp, I've managed to install the head unit easy, now it comes to the fitting of the sub, i have no idea how to run the Remote cable and the RCA cable from the back of my head unit so that it will come out in the passenger footwell so i can run them to my boot. could anyone help me with this. Pictures or diagrams of how to do this or whatever Thanks in advance Ben
  6. Hi there! My names Joe, Ive got a Seat Arosa 1.0 Mk2 in blue. Its my first car and I'm new to all the modding etc but I am willing to learn! Basically my issue is: Ive bought an Alpine Type R SWR-1222D Subwoofer in a ported box. The box is far to big for the boot and im wanting to find out first: Can I build any shape box as long as its the right volume for the sub? Im wanting to raise up the boot floor and mount this sub backwards so the frame is facing into the boot using the spare wheel space to hopefully fit a box. What amp/wiring kit is best to buy for this sub? I dont want to spend loads on the amp to be honest as the sub has cost me next to nothing. (Reclaimed debt). The sub is 500w RMS I think but it's 4 and 2 ohm which is where I'm confused. All help will be very much appreciated. Thanks a lot
  7. i had an active sub in my old motor that got used all the time. its not been in a boot for over a year now. my question is; will it need another break in period as its lack of use for that year or will it be fine to have blasting once more? i dont really understand the audio side of audio instillation so any advice would be much appreciated
  8. Long story short, i have gone and brought a 750w Sub, for the back of my lupo tdi 1.4 and dont know where to put the live wire? Now i have looked and looked and looked, for a place to put the live wire from the battery (that goes to the sub), I have had no luck getting through to the inside of the car via under the bonnet. ( i dont have a manual yet either ) I have unbolted 2 of the window washer nuts and for a start cant even remove the washer bottle! so i gave up with that. I pulled some of the plastic just under the windscreen away, and all i can see is an air vent opening! so i gave up with that. There are some chunky cables that are at the back just under the windscreen, but they are wrapped and not tubed, for a start i dont even know where they go, and also they are tightly wrapped so pushing a wire down one of them would be like trying to get a fat chick through a letterbox so i gave up with that. Basically can anyone show me or tell me (a picture would be great help) where i should try and put this live wire, i have had no luck so far and these things drive me up the wall! Also i have heard that they are always live, so would this drain my battery, and what could i do to that if thats the case, i dont really fancy wiring in a switch which i would then have to hide, could i not hook this sub up to run off the back of my stereo or something? So then it turns on/off with my stereo, that would be ideal! Thank you to anyone who can help me out! You angles!
  9. FLi Trap 12 Subwoofer / Amp complete with wiring kit. Mint condition, no scratches or dents. £50 collected, no offers. If it hasn't been sold and collected by 24th November it will be going with me overseas. I do not need to sell this item. Located in Sleaford, Lincolnshire.
  10. I have a 12" Vibe sub enclosure already in the boot of my lupo but can I use other make subs and amps with this enclosure? And if so, what are the good brands to go for?

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