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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, As the title says, I'm trying to source some new headlight washer ends and caps. Anyone know where to buy them? I've scourged the interwebs and have had no luck. I'm after parts 1 & 2 as mine have been knackered for a long time. If unable to get new ones, I'll attempt to repair mine but would rather avoid this. I've attmepted German eBay however I feel there is some translations issues with Google. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. hi there in order to change the xenon bulb on a Lupo GTI does the bumper have to come off? or is possible without removing it -thanks
  3. Hello everyone, I am looking for over 2 months now to purchase the left xenon headlight, but for some reason is so difficult to find even brand new. If someone have a left xenon headlight for sale please let me know. If sold only in pairs I will be happy to purchase both. I am looking only for very good condition headlights! Thank you in advance. PS: Thank you for all forum members for the valuable info shared on here for other Lupo GTI enthusiasts like myself.
  4. NS lupo Gti headlight required, don't need bulb or ballast just headlight. Please and thanks
  5. Problem with xenons So drivers side xenon is not working some cable was cut I've put them back together but still not working When i turn lights on it flickers and tries to turn on and goes off there is power going through the wires that was cut so that part is fine Main light doesn't work (red circle) But the bottom light is working (green circle) So if the ballast/igniter is dead could the bottom work but the top wouldn't? I haven't swapped over the bulb, is it a definite bumper off job? Thank you
  6. My beloved GTi is struggling a bit getting it's drivers side headlight turned on! When the lights are turned on, all 4 fronts light up, but the drivers side xenon flickers on and off full brightness before turning off after about 10s. I have a suspicion it's the (rather expensive) ballast that's causing the problem, but wondered if anyone else has had a similar issue? My battery hasn't been overly happy recently, but given regular usage it seems to charge fine and the battery issues predate the light problem. Any help would be much appreciated!!
  7. So the dipped beam lights have always flickered. Finally decided to sort it and just wondered if anyone has any experience with the Xenons and the components that could likely be the cause. There's no pinkish tinge and also the lights shine brightly then get dimmer as time passes. They also get Brighter when indicating or breaking. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance, Matt
  8. Two pairs of Xenon D2S bulbs (As fitted to Lupo GTI) These are UNUSED and were originally bought as spares for my Mk4 Golf. I have two types as follows: Type 1 - Philips D2S 4300K @ £15 each Type 2 - Unbranded D2S 8000K @ £10 each These are to be sold individually or as pairs, you decide what you want. Postage at cost. Any queries drop me a PM. Steve
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