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  1. Bought my first car month, a Reflex silver Lupo 1.0 with only 27k miles from new. Here's a picture of when i first got it This is how the car looks now Mods so far: -Removed bump strips -Polo 6r stubby aerial -Heko wind deflectors -Pioneer head unit -6000k HID Xenon headlights -LED Interior light -LED number plate lights -LED Sidelights -Front indicators tinted yellow - Lupo sport front bumper Have a lot of other things i plan on doing in the future but it'll do for now. Will be ordering a 60/50mm AP suspension kit later this week as well as fitting some 14" passat steels. I'll post some more pics up once everything is fitted.
  2. Hey guys, I’ve been lurking here for well over a year now. Been checking out some of the sweet rides here and decided that its finally time to write up a built thread of my own! I bought my Lupo in January 2012 for my first car, It was a pretty bog standard black Lupo 1.0 E. Got it for £800 and that is reflected in the paint work as there is a scuff on the front bumper and the paint is fairly poor all over and it was on 84k miles. This is the car when I first bought it: The car sat on the drive until March, when I turned 18 and sorted out my insurance. Straight away I de-wipered and de-badged the car, sorted out a cup holder as I had a gaping DIN hole in my dash and bought a Sony BTU3900 head unit. Didn't do much for a while, then some pop-out windows 'popped' up for sale and I snapped them up. Was a bit of a ball ache fitting them, Used a push-bike v-brake cable to cut out the old windows. Managed to shatter one of the old windows on the way out and ended up having to clean glass up of most of my driveway and inside the car as it sort of exploded. After the pop-outs were fitted I didn't. really do much else to the car for a while until a few months later I bought some coilovers. Didn't have much money so I bought myself some JOMS. Took the car down to a relatives garage when they arrived and had them fitted in about 30 minutes. Didn't go too low at first as this was the first time I was doing anything like this and didn't know what to expect. Shortly after on a routine Ebay trawl I found some wheels that I really liked on Ebay. They were Borbet Atiwes – 13 x 7 et20. Managed to pick them up at the bargain price of £170 posted for 5 wheels. Got them for that as they were in dire need of a refurb. I got them like this: After many hand blistering hours over the winter I managed to get the dish like glass. I held a newspaper up to it and could read it in the reflection. Once that was done, I prepped the centers and masked the dish and took the wheels to a guy I knew in the powder coating industry, So I managed to get them done on the side for free. This is what they looked like after the refurb: While in the process of sorting out tires for the wheels I also removed the bump strips from the car with a lot of help from my friend James Brown as I think it makes them looks a lot cleaner. I eventually ordered the tires and as you can see above I went for some 165/55 Nankangs. Headed over to my granddads as he has a decent garage and tools, got the wheels fitted and lowered the car to compensate for the 13" wheels. Since putting the wheels on I've not really done much apart from the (very) occasional clean and just generally driven it around. I've borrowed some roof bars off a mate to see how they look and I'm loving it. They have completely transformed the look of my car in my eyes. This is how the car is currently sitting taking as of this weekend at some events: At the Might Car Mods meet in Gaydon on Saturday: Just after when I got home and fitted the roofbars that I am currently borrowing: And this was yesterday at this years last MFN meet: Just a quick shot to show how it has changed over the last year or so: Well thats what I have done so far. Some possible plans for the future are: - Smooth the front bumper - Re trim the interior - Buy some of my own roofbars - Possibly paint the insides of my headlights black - Roll my arches due to light scrubbing - Pressed plates Thanks for reading
  3. Welcome to my build for my arosa, Got quite alot planned and only just starting .. got my car away before Christmas and not actually done anything! but heres what ive done already and what has to follow.. JUN - 2012 , wheels ( ats cups ) and coilovers are bought will be fitted soon. JAN - 2013 , front bumper smoothed down along with a debaged grill and fitted lupo lights to the rear.. future mods in the works, golf recaro interior, double din head unit, new tyres for some stretch and more lows Updates will continue to get posted If you like what you see leave a comment! Is there anything you would like to see done next or any suggestions please hit me up
  4. hi i want to know if any one has fitted a smooth boot that opens with a solenoid and a button as my boot has had the handle removed if any one can help me on how to fit and how well they work thanks Sam
  5. Alight everyone, Putting my car back to standard bit by bit as i fancy something else so here's a few bits.. Smoothed indicator grill - £60 and your standard black grill Badgeless grill and bonnet with recess smoothed £60 and your standard grill and bonnet, the bonnet's got a slight chip half way up it on the drivers side, ill post the pic of that later, Flocked Dash, lower dash and centre console £100 07792683941 collection from leicester cheers
  6. new to this forum stuff but need some help.. in need of a smooth front bumper anyone got one or know of anyone with one for sale can you let me know, thanks
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