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  1. I've had a look on the forum and I just want to know if its even worth getting an induction kit.. I'm not fussed about hp gain as it's hardly going to increase widly. Just want to know if its worth getting the average kit for a bit more grunt sound without any heat problems ( too close to engine)
  2. Hi I have a 02 lupo 1.0 with 175/65r13 steels Just got a new set of alloys ( VW Avus Scala snowflakes) and was hoping someone could help me find out what size tyre I need and/or if I need a spacer. http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C411849
  3. Okay so tonight I put my deposit down on this sweet little green 1.4 Lupo Sport, 84k on the clock, a few scratches but rad for a first car. For a first car, yes being 20 and only just getting his first car, laugh it up! I have a good few plans for her, first being cleaned and cleaned again, then slammed....as you do.... Already have done a mock up of what i want the dash to look like.... hope to chat soon! Alex
  4. Tizzlou

    Puple lupo

    Hey my first VW Lupo and my first car ive had done up. ive already.. changed the colour (purple) Lenso alloys 15" SPORTEX Twin 3" centre exit exhaust with tail pipes lights all round have been changed and tinted tinted windows, what else can I do to it as im not 100% sure what else to do
  5. Hi All I picked up the misses Lupo TDI last night BEing more of a Jap guy having had 4 mx5's 2 turbos and 2 throttle bodied. I have no idea of VW lol So might need abit of help!! I am also dyslexic i will try my best but bare with me if anything annoys you about my grammar please refrain from commenting THANK YOU Spec Below: Lupo TDI Sport 1.4 (107BHP 200 Torq) 1999 reg 110kMilesLowered (coilovers)Remapped Straight through ExhaustVault meterBoost Gauge (fitted but not working) Might need help with this.Bad Boy Bonnet Ok first things i notice on the 40mile journey back in RED was(if you could help with these please): Coil light flashing when driving and brake lights not working, these connecting in anyway? owner seemed to think so. Now for the cosmetics: Roof Black (will be getting carbon fiber wrapped)BadBoy Bonnet Black (will be getting sprayed back to red)Bumper strips (these will be getting removed)Bumper grill red ( these will be getting paint mat black or wrapped in carbon)Filler Cap Black ( will be getting painted red)Arosa Rear Light ( standard one put back on)Interior The Interior is pretty much standard other than Boost gauge and volt meter gauge panel (replaced the center fans)Decent Stereo with sub and amp in the bootBoost gauge will need plumbing in ( i have had alook at the engine and think it would be best to plumb this into the top of the intercooler, is this right?) Pic below from Ebay as i haven't took any yet, if anyone know anything about the car please let me know, also if you could help and advise along the way please do. Side Views Front Console The car actually stands better in real life, Cheers for looking Liam
  6. So i've just started here and I'll be inheriting a Mk1 Arosa in august, I already know what I want to do to it, not really fussed on engine changes or exhaust etc.. because it's only a 1L. This it what I plan to do: Lowered 60mm Fox Motorsport 6 spoke wheels Under seat 900W sub and amp New steering wheel Reclining bucket seats De-badged grill Carbon wrap some of the interior Would these be good little changes for a first car or should I do something else? Suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. Past. Present. Exterior Styling: - Removed rear Wiper. - Removed side bumper strip's. - Colour matched bumpers. - Smoked indicators. - Red brake calipers. - Wind deflectors. - Many stickers. - Checked vinyl wrapped fuel cap. - Flared arches. - Smoothed front bumper. - Black Sun strip. Sound: - Sony X-plod Stereo. - 1200 watt Sub. Interior: - Black Lupo GTI Seats. - Black Door Cards. - Stickers again. - False Floor - Black under dash and centre console. Engine: - Induction Kit - Ghetto as **** RockStar oil catcher. - Boso style Exhaust. - Red rocker cover - Exposed Black Manifold. Chassis: - TA Technix Coilovers - 13" Ally Cat, 7J Wheels. Future mods: - GTI spoiler. - Import style number plates. - Compressed rear springs to get them extra lows! - Wide angled rear view mirror. - Smoked headlights.
  8. Spotted a Silver Slammed lupo in Tesco Western avenue carpark a few days ago. Loving what you've done to it!
  9. Hi all so this is my new lupo not much to say before this I had a blue lupo and re-sold it, then I have a vw fox and re-sold that. My test is on the 9th of Jan so this will hopefully be ready by then. I think white is the best colour came with the red alloys (no idea what they are, anyone?) 40/60 springs (for sale if anyones interested) also an aftermarket head and subzero speakers. Just picked this up today from eastbourne was about a 1hr 45min drive from dartford enough with the talking here are some pics (only ones I could get before it got dark) Now for the plans.. Got a double-dinn Kenwood ddx-3021 ready to go in for door speakers I have my focal 165v2s with tweeters these are my wheels.. specs are 16x6.5 et37 so a nice bit of tuck will be getting a respray in the same colour. tyres are 165/45s so nice little bit of stretch the car currently has red interior which im not too fond of so if anyone would like to swap for grey or make an offer on my set..? now for the lows I am going to be getting budget front coilovers without helpers in & maybe notch the chassis ( Need front coilovers if anyone has forsale feel free to pm me ) for the rear I am going to be running custom springs and smaller dampers bodywork wise I am going to colour code the front and back bumpers all white and smooth the back one Got my priv plate ready to go on which reads as B14ST C Thats about all really will have alot of updates to come over the next few weeks any comments appreciated Cheers Sammy
  10. Hi here is my lupo in its current state http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/tongue.png Current mods 15" ATS cupsJOM Coilovers8000K HID'sK&N Induction kitBonnet brafull custom bumper brapioneer SPH-DA100 Double din head unit Heko Wind deflectors Vibe 10" bandpass subshortened arialRolled/Flared arches
  11. The time has come and we have finally got our act together to organise the long awaited SPRING MEET 2013! Different location to the last, so head on over to the facebook event and get attending. We want this one to be bigger than all others we have held, the last one was approx 300 cars so we have quite the task ahead of us! Share the event with all your friends and lets make this a meet to remember! The spring meet will be held at Morrisons Barnsdale Drive in Milton Keynes. Anyone and everyone is welcome! There is a Mcdonalds, KFC, Morrisons super market and a Pizza hut at this location. Anyone and everyone is welcome. Jap, German, British or what ever you've got! Hope to see you all there! Barnsdale Drive Milton Keynes England MK4 4DD United Kingdom The organisers of this meet are not responsible for anyone elses actions at this event, this is a park up and enjoy the cars and company kind of meet, keep it safe people!
  12. has anyone got any pictures with theirs lowered 40mm, preferably with 15" wheels, just getting an idea of what it would look like because I want to lower mine, but keep the stock dampers, also would 60mm be to much with my stock dampers? thanks
  13. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/slammed-t25-crewcab-/290857440341?_trksid=p2047675.m2109&_trkparms=aid%3D555001%26algo%3DPW.CURRENT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D29%26meid%3D5471959340707386895%26pid%3D100010%26prg%3D1013%26rk%3D2%26sd%3D321059553891%26
  14. Last year i purchased a lupo GTI from scotland, yes thats right, scotland. So after a plane, bus, train and taxi journey with my boyfriend, we arrived and took a chance on this bloody car, biggest impulse buy of my life, but what a treat i got! The car did'nt show great signs at first, in the first 5 mins of looking at the car, the body work was a tad shabby, the handle to pop the bonnet snapped off in my hand, the engine bay ws horrific, the boot looked like it had been smooth by a retard, which had rusted and cracked all round, to be fair the lady was ovbiously a beast on photoshop, as the car in the advert pictures made it look immaculate! I bought it any for very cheap! We then had to face the 9 hour drive back to england, in a car we barely new, no biggy. In scotland When i brought her, day after, new coilies on, chillin with the mk5! got bored on black winter wheels, went with purple... new induction kit in purple & new engine cover, whole engine bay needs a good scrub! chillin' prepping & cleaning for Ultimate dubs!! Best Sticker...... Auto Glym Sesssssshion!! glittery mirror & leather interor! so this is my boot i picked at it... alot!!! second layer of filler, after i de rusted it and cleaned it all up! all done now boot is ready for the next stage... ooossssh Great shot from down shift from the South Meets VIP BBQ 2 HavAir Another amazing shot at recent South Meet VIP BBQ @ HavAir Lupo @ Prept Brands Hatch, Chillin', this was the last time she was out before going to Dsign Vinyl!!! day before she goes to dsign vinyl, new bonnet bra! got a suprise in the post today, 20m of my vinyl @ Dsign Vinyl, fully clay barred the car & smoothed out the dent on the top of the door, ready for wrapping first door wrapped, looks balla bonnet fully wrapped nearly there boots had final sand down for perfection reasons & bumper been wrapped, very happy so far! grill & number plate off, cleaned all the **** off of everything, de greased everything, this car have never had so much love & attention!
  15. http://forums.clublu...app=classifieds
  16. Think i might regret doing this but up for sale is my White Lupo Sport Only selling as want to upgrade to a GTI and start from scratch Its a 51 plate plate in brilliant condition, well looked after and well maintained. Always cleaned weekly and wheels done twice a week as I'm a bit of a freak like that Comes with 9months Tax and M.O.T I'll let the pictures do the talking for this bit .... How it currently stands. Loads more pics available on request on different wheels etc. Had quite a few bits done in terms of mods and repairs list is as follows..... Wheels&Tyres: Schmidt TH-line cults fully polished in 14x7 fronts and 14x7.5 rears. OR Mini G60's banded to 14x7 and 14x7.5 Bought brand new from Rimstyle.com cost around £1900 and have receipts to prove. Tyres are 195/45 Toyo proxies all round all with 6mm tread. Suspension: Lowered around 100mm on FK highsports. Bought new shock absorbers all round last year for these as the seals were leaking abit. Have reciepts for these also. Bodywork: Front bumper smoothed & number plate recess removed. Badge notch removed on bonnet. FK badgeless grill. Front fogs. De-wipered Rear. Stubby mirrors. Bump strips removed. Black pinstipe on sides. Tinted rear windows. Interior Standard seats in dark grey and grey centres(look better than tim toms etc). All dark grey door cards. All black plastics not the horrible light grey. GTI suround over the clocks and guages. Kenwood headunit and vibe door speakers. All in very good condition no rips or tears anywhere, steering wheel and plastics all very good aswell Engine: Engine runs absolutly fine and is very clean etc Pipercross airfilter, nicest sounding in my opinion. Had a new gearbox and clutch put in 9k miles ago with receipts of purchase and work New fuel injectors. New leads. New spark plugs. Oil is frequently changed along with oil filter. Recent Brake pad change New gearbox and clutch put in 8k miles ago also have the receipts for this. Car is currently on 108k miles. Don't be put off buy this as is in tip top condition Comes with 9 months tax and M.O.T Don't think ive forgotten anything I'm after £4000ono for it as it is I'm after £2650ono on the Schmidt's OR £2250ono on the Banded steels. £2000 and bring your own wheels! If someone wants the lot I'm sure we can work out something very reasonable Massive price reduction here takin into account the following factors..... Windows could do with new switches as they temperamental (litterally a few quid) Small paint flake on the right side rear arch (barely visible) could litterally be touched up. And stone chips on the front bumper, again barely visible. 07966794014 Need this gone ASAP guys!!! Also feel free to PM me or call/text me on 07966794014 with any enquirees etc. Thanks Stef.
  17. TESTING THE WATER 1.4s 60,000 miles Service history On TA Technick coilovers Scratch on door £2,500?
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