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  1. This is my mk1 arosa rory, i fitted a set of coilovers yesterday and im stoked how it looks check it out up by my house with an iphone fish eye in morrisons carpark with my mates mk2 golf Let me know what you think
  2. Hello, im new to the forum and have just purchased my first car which is a red standard mk 1 r reg arosa and was just wondering what rims you'se would recommend as im a bit stuck for choice. Im into the 'dub' and 'euro' look at the moment and wondered if you could help. My budget it around £0-£500 mark but cheapest would be good. Thanks
  3. mrw2311

    My Arosa

    Hey Guys, I'm martyn, i'm 17 and have a 1.0 seat arosa as my first car:) i've been on here a while now and not done a thread yet, so put it in the 'new members' section. This is my arosa on the first day i picked it up! I straight away debadged it, and cleaned it up Then de-wipered it:) Got some DIN type cupholders off lupoboz, and a JVC headunit free off my sister, and bought a fli trap 12" sub! Then i got some Lupo rears off ebay for £26 inc. delivery! Then bought a sheet of some 3m carbon wrap and some aero wipers:D Plan on getting coilovers soon, and maybe g60s as i don't like the tsw's that are on it! Let me know what you think, cheers!
  4. Like the title says im kinda new ive been on the site for a couple of months and have had my arosa for nearly a year hopefully going to start modding it this year ill post a pic and you can give me your ideas, cheers
  5. Afternoon everyone, I've just bought a Seat Arosa Mk1 and was wondering if the mileage and time should still be displayed, even without the key in the ignition. I assume something is wrong here but instead of taking it straight to a garage, thought I'd ask here first. Any ideas? Thanks.
  6. My Seat Arosa is currently for sale on Autotrader. It is an incredible car but I am selling due to moving into Central London. Please take a look. My number is on the Ad, or email tom.timothy@hotmail.com and I will call or email you back as requested. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201211456355666/sort/priceasc/usedcars/price-from/1000/price-to/2000/model/arosa/make/seat/page/3/quicksearch/true/radius/1500/postcode/cr85en?logcode=p It is as good as it looks. The car is near to Purley, Surrey. Thanks, Tom
  7. Hi everyone, I passed my driving test in october and finally got my first car 2 weeks ago, it's a Seat Arosa 1.0. So pleased with it, plan on doing a few interior mods to it next and maybe refurb my alloys in the future. I'd appreciate some opinions from you guys
  8. Out of interest, will a 2000 mk3 seat ibiza cupra steering wheel fit onto my 2004 mk2 arosa ? Cheers Chris
  9. hello everyone, I'm a bit new to this, i have a seat arosa 1.0 s and it hesitates of idle. its not a major problem its just one of these things that does your head in when you start the engine and let it settle to idle (550-650rpm that sounds low to me but someone told me its about right for a 1.0l engine) and if you put you foot down quickly (anything from full to a quarter) the revs drop down, it makes a sucking air sound from the carb (or fly by wire equivalent) and hesitates picking up, when pulling out of a junction you have to build the revs up past 1000rpm to be able to pull of properly. the revs drop so much that if you turn the steering wheel (strain on the engine) and press the throttle at the same time it will stall 50% of the time (in neutral) any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated, any questions don't be afraid to ask thanks
  10. Standard Seat Arosa Headunit from my 52' Arosa Sport. CD section now sold, only radio section available for £5 [excl. delivery]
  11. hi there, i bought myself a seat arosa 1.0 back in march, its been a perfect little car with no problems whatsoever. now i am looking to get alloys for it. i was hoping to get the original seat arosa alloys, but i am not fussy. i am looking for cheap alloys with the tyres included. any ideas? any help is much appreciated
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