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Found 8 results

  1. Long shot but after trawling through all the online car adverts I can't see it so back on here to see if anyone on here knows. 02 plate blue lupo sport 1.4 I sold it in 2013 to a dealer. Just checked the gov.UK website and its sorned but the most ran out last year so I was hoping that its just off the road not crushed! ? Any info would be fabby. Very tempted to buy another lupo again, but my Seat Lean ST is a bit more practical for a wheelchair. Still waiting every lupo that passes me.
  2. Been driving this since about April time and I love my "wee fox. standard urban fox Red '56 plate 1.2L engine Picked it up with 57,000 on the clock since I've put it upto 64,000 low insurance & cheap to run? this is was the fox before I got my hand on it.^ One of the wheel trims became cracked so I removed them and drove about for a few months without Any on as can be seen in the below photos.
  3. I've got for sale front shock from eurocarparts which have covered about 1000 miles, rear shocks are original from Lupo but a bit tattie looking, comes with fk lowering springs, about 1000 miles done as well, springs lower car about 55mm front & 40mm rear £50 located in Darvel, Ayrshire near Kilmarnock
  4. Mark230


    This weekend 27-29 May at Biggar there is a VW show! http://www.volksfling.co.uk/volksfling.html Been a couple of times over the years, always a great show with a large variety of cars. Would be good to see more Lupo/Arosa's there!
  5. Anyone seen any hide or hair of my old Lupo? Think it was sold... (i stupidly traded it in) Was up for Sale in Falkirk so its probably in the Area somewhere? Wanting to know if it went to a good home or not? Jazz Blue 1.4L 02 Plate... totally standard part fi the stickers i put over the spare buttons... Anyone seen it? Or are you the new owner? I wanna know... Not wanting him back but i miss him....
  6. So I've had my car since September... I'm still a learner but should be passed soon.... Anyways I've been on here for a few months now and think it's about time i put some pics of my car up... It's a wee Jazz Blue Lupo 1.4 Petrol, 02 plate... so not yet 10 years old yet. One owner since new which wa my aunt so its a hand me down and a better first car than i ever thought i'd have... I call it Loopy or the Slug (number plate anagram) and also Lewis Hamilton because my friends was called the Shoe... aka Sheumacker so yeah call me weird... but oh yeah pics!!! I've blanked out the plate... just coz i can... this is it the day i got it... Milage when i got it... well after the first drive My uncle had ordered new visors coz the mirrors in the ones i've got are smashed, unfortunately they don't fit lupo's... they're the wrong code... :/ They sumhow managed to lose the jack... so my dad bought me another one.... and i got a free tow with it... now i have 3!! i only need one right? With the mandatory 'L' plate stuck on (this is an edit) My Pride and Joy... (also an edit) In the Snow... Trying to tell me that he reallly wants to go out in the snow pleeeease.... My Dad... borrowed my car to go get a new tyre for his car...He muckied up my boot!!! and all the plastic trim! Nae happy! Dad with his head in the bonnet... just brought it bck after taking it to get the gears looked at (they're stiff again) then the EMC light and the catalyst lights came on... its now away to the Gearbox specialists for them to look at it... won't get it bck for like a week tho... :/ Anyways... here's some pics... I don't think i'll be doing much to it tbh... i have a tight budget and i doubt my parents would approve... :/
  7. Ok who was the Awesome-sauce person that cheered me up after work with this image.... Thanks... And Hi!! Tho i think we've probs waved to each other before....
  8. To get us a good camping spot and the majority of members all together. Do we want to all meet up at JN 15A M1 SOUTHBOUND SERVICES (NN4 9QY) 1.00ish meet Leaving about 1:45? LINK TO MAP: MAP 1. Dz1981 2. jhardw 3. Kez1990 4. tomroberts 5 .Emz, RobGti + Others 6. Adam R4 7.
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